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Chris Christie Gets Tipped Over & Rolled Into A Gutter

Dear Dirty Newswire NEW HAMPSHIRE–New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was embarrassingly attacked last night in New Hampshire after a showdown with Occupy protesters. After beating his chest for the top-running

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Priest Publicly Condemns Storing Holy Bible Next to "Shitter"

Dear Dirty NewswireOHIO–A Catholic priest in Lincoln, Ohio has started a strange campaign that has some parishioners scratching their heads. Father Richard Vincent has been telling the worshipers in his

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Family of Ranchers Killed in Indian Attack; Lone Survivor Tells All

Dear Dirty America NORTH DAKOTA — According to a lone survivor, a wild pack of Indians appeared atop a hill and stormed an entire family of ranchers, killing all but

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Drone Loaded with Food Instead of Bombs Still Baffling CIA

Dear Dirty Newswire WASHINGTON — The Pentagon and CIA are still baffled tonight over how a Predator B drone was accidentally loaded with freeze dried military food (Meal, Ready-To-Eat, MREs)

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North Dakotans to Blast Spying Predator Drones Out of the Sky

Dear Dirty Newswire –NORTH DAKOTA A coalition of wealthy and concerned North Dakota citizens say they have teamed up to

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Bank of America Commits Suicide

Dear Dirty NewswireCHARLOTTE — Police are remaining tight-lipped about the gory suicide of the country’s second largest multinational banking and

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Mitt Romney Wakes Up with Two Heads

Dear Dirty NewswireNEW HAMPSHIRE — Mitt Romney’s campaign took a day off during a hectic campaigning schedule. The slick GOP

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George Bush Going on Bombing Mission in Afghanistan

Dear Dirty NewswireFormer president George W Bush has announced his 2011 Christmas plans: to get strapped into an F102A fighter

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Karl Rove Henchmen Thought to Be Behind Gingrich Castration

Dear Dirty NewswireIOWA — Newt Gingrich has allegedly checked into an undisclosed hospital in Iowa after Karl Rove’s henchmen cut

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Forever 21 to Change Name to Forever 42

Dear Dirty Newswire photo by Roger Price Forever 21 CEO Do Won Chang released a statement today that his infamous fashion

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