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North Dakotans to Blast Spying Predator Drones Out of the Sky

January 03
21:25 2012

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–NORTH DAKOTA A coalition of wealthy and concerned North Dakota citizens say they have teamed up to build a series of anti-aircraft artillery to counteract the expanded use of spying Predator B drones used in their state. The anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) will be constructed throughout the state’s rolling hills and hidden in its vast prairies, and will be poised to take out any unmanned drone.

“We’re being spied on, first of all,” one of the artillery’s coalition members said, “and enough is enough. They use this drone in Pakistan to kill people, and now they’re casually flying it over North Dakota, and America, claiming it’s for catching criminals. But what about the rest of us? We haven’t done anything wrong. Why is the war being turned on American citizens?”

Obama signs controversial bill allowing indefinite detainment of American citizens: man shits pants, sends underwear to White House

The Predator B drone is one of the most popular, widely used unmanned aircraft terrorizing Pakistani families and marketplaces in the name of the worldwide War on Terror. Unlike in North Dakota, the drones used overseas are armed with bombs, and they have become notorious for killing dozens of innocent civilians along with those suspected of being linked to terrorist outfits.

“We haven’t disclosed the locations of our artillery. They are cleverly hidden, and they will be armed with heat-seeking missiles and heavy anti-aircraft shells. Should be no problem taking down these drones,” the coalition member said.

Predator drones are virtually undetectable, which means this coalition’s aim at shooting them out of the sky may not be an easy task. While the coalition asserts their ability to detect flying drones, the action of building AAA defense may be more symbolic than actual.

Attempting to shoot down federally-flying predator drones will not only be a serious offense, but will highlight the growing tensions between Americans and their federal government’s power. In Yemen, President Obama gave orders to fire on an American-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, killing him without giving him due process or convicting him of any crime. The White House has yet to release the evidence supporting its claim that the imminent killing of Awlaki was necessary.

Awlaki’s 16-year old son was next in line to be blasted by a predator drone. Seven others were killed with him.

In North Dakota, the drones are operated from the Grand Forks Air Force base, and are owned by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. The AAA coalition started after a recent incident when a drone was used to identify the location of a North Dakota rancher who refused to return six stray cows who wandered onto his pastures.

Police pinpointed his whereabouts using the predator drone, and then moved in for the arrest.

United States junior senator and recently-resigned North Dakota governor John Hoeven publicly denounced the “irresponsible, paranoid ideas of a few wealthy citizens” secretly building AAA defense, but off the record he was heard saying, “I hope they knock those motherfuckers out of the sky. It’s our civil liberties I’m worried about.”

The North Dakota AAA defense coalition believes their independent reaction to increasing use of spying drones will spark a nationwide movement inspiring people to take their Constitutional liberties into their own hands. “Our country is being run by those who have traded in their loyalties to America and are instead violating our God-given freedoms ensured us by the Bill of Rights.”

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