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Dear Dirty America

Hubert Humdinger — Infamous Cultural Philosopher & Pariah Psychologist

Beyond silence I oftentimes quote Hubert Humdinger (pronounced hum-din-jer) when reporting on serious cultural events. Humdinger is one of the world’s greatest philosophers, thinkers, humanitarians, and psychologists, but he has

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Kim Kardashian Made So Much Money at Her Wedding She Could Fund This Blog

David Shankbone The Kardashians scored big yet again with Kim’s wedding to a guy named Kris Humphries. Like Kris Kringle, except Humphries. Kim and Kris spent millions on their wedding,

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Fullerton Police Beating: The 6 Pigs Guilty of Killing Kelly Thomas Should be Made Into Tomorrow’s Bacon

The Fullerton Police force is a vicious brood of vipers. If their violent conduct is any sign of our nation’s times, our society is in major trouble. The fact that

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Ron Paul the Antichrist? Paranoia from a small meeting in Los Angeles

The Antichrist. The son of perdition. The beast. The great deceiver. Ron Paul? Republican presidential candidate? I’d only heard him described as the great Libertarian. These were all phrases thrown

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Donald Rumsfeld Is A Celebrity: It Doesn’t Matter if He’s Tortured Non-Celebrities

It is disgusting and utterly irresponsible that Adam Michael Luebke would call Donald Rumsfeld an extreme questioner and a torturer

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Ronald Reagan’s Remains Buried At Sea

Thunder Overhead released a new letter concerning the whereabouts of Ronald Reagan’s remains: Dedda71 We have buried your beloved president’s

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L.A. Meter Maid Tells Tourists: Stop Asking Me to Take Your Stupid Family Pictures

Larry, the Meter MaidLos Angeles ‘meter maids’ have a difficult job in ticketing cars that have been parked too long,

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Hollywood & Highland Riot: About a Charles Manson Star on Walk of Fame?

Did DJ Kaskade’s Tweets start the Hollywood & Highland riot? A new rumor suggests the good deejay is off the hook.Rumors are spreading quickly throughout Los Angeles Thursday morning about

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