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Hubert Humdinger — Infamous Cultural Philosopher & Pariah Psychologist

August 21
23:04 2011
Beyond silence

I oftentimes quote Hubert Humdinger (pronounced hum-din-jer) when reporting on serious cultural events. Humdinger is one of the world’s greatest philosophers, thinkers, humanitarians, and psychologists, but he has been chased out of the United States of America for his wildly intelligent views on life and love.

For a fuller history of Humdinger, please see On Hubert Humdinger

He is the author of 367 books about cultural phenomenon and disinformation found in the world of accepted psychology. But all of his books have been burned. If you can find a Humdinger book tucked away in your local library, please let me know. I will pay you enormous gobs of money for it. It is worth a fortune.

Why were all of Humdinger’s books burned? The State Department said the First Amendment did not apply to ideas as unorthodox as Humdinger’s. He shortly thereafter fled to an undisclosed location in Northern Europe. Recently, I happened across this snapshot of him. He didn’t now he was photographed. I encourage everyone to send their support to Humdinger by commenting on this blog post. I have been in contact with the great exiled philosopher since 1989 when I first talked to him while sitting on a bench outside of 7-11.

Alan Light

I was five years old. We talked about Madonna’s breasts giving hope to men the world over. Nobody knew why one set of breasts could elicit such a heated, positive response in the male species, but in the 80s and 90s, they did. I don’t remember Humdinger’s theory about Madonna’s breasts, but I know it was so profound that nobody could ever fully explain it, except Humdinger himself.

And he did, in a book about 560 pages long, but that book was burned in the Great Humdinger Purge. Humdinger has never been written about until I decided he needed to be reintroduced into the world. He is featured in these articles:

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