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Fullerton Police Beating: The 6 Pigs Guilty of Killing Kelly Thomas Should be Made Into Tomorrow’s Bacon

August 18
02:51 2011

The Fullerton Police force is a vicious brood of vipers. If their violent conduct is any sign of our nation’s times, our society is in major trouble. The fact that the six Fullerton police haven’t been sent to jail shows severe dysfunction within our system. I cannot imagine any excuse that can be made in the beating death of homeless and mentally-ill Kelly Thomas that would justify this continuous lull in fully prosecuting the police officers who are obviously guilty of murder.

The Kelly Thomas video is chilling, and this isn’t the first time the Fullerton police force has done something unspeakably nasty. Veth Mam saw his friend being arrested by Fullerton police, and he thought the police were mistreating his friend, so he started videoing the arrest. An officer hit the iPhone out of Mam’s hand and threw him to the ground.

The Fullerton Police Department launched into a severe but false offensive saying that Mam had attacked an officer, even though somebody else had picked up Mam’s iPhone and recorded the entire affair. The only people doing any attacking were the police. Watch video for the latest on Mam and Kelly Thomas.


The Fullerton police force has, unfortunately, made America’s police forces around the nation look like teeming death squads populated with degenerate, brutish thugs. These six Fullerton pigs should be made into bacon to restore proper chomping order in this country. When things turn ugly, the People eat the Pigs, and not the other way around.

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