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New World Order or Old World Reorder?

New World Order or Old World Reorder?
October 23
18:37 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

My previous article titled “Trump & Clinton: Democracy Deliberately Destroyed?” caused quite a stir, and showed me that I was far from alone in my supposition that there is a plan to turn the democratic process on its head without the public raising a bored eyebrow to take in the enormity of what is happening to them.


internet_things_connectedAlready the zombification of the general population of many western countries has taken effect, without anyone noticing. The main reason for this is because governments have promoted the internet and all that goes with it.

The majority of people use the internet for taking their minds off the grinding reality of daily life. Having to work longer hours to make just enough to keep their families warm and fed. Sometimes needing two jobs plus a working partner to pay for the occasional family outing. So the internet is, for some, the only way of having some recreation.

The rush to get every household linked to the internet has seemed strange. What has a government to gain from having all of us on the Web? Well, one thing is that in order to get something done by a government department, we are told that this can only be completed online.

Oh, there’s always a phone number to call, but as it costs so much and the length of time waiting is ridiculous, many have expired waiting for an answer, so most people will just go online and fill in endless details about their private lives and press send.

They have no idea of what is being done with their information. It can be accessed by a large number of other government agencies and also sold to private sector organisations, to target us with advertising, etcetera. This also cuts down on staff numbers, which saves the government money.

We are encouraged to do our grocery shopping virtually, again cutting down on in-store workers and keeping us at home and not causing trouble. We now see drones which will now deliver small packages or possibly small explosive devices directly to our homes, depending on our behaviour!

It is giving more people more time to aimlessly trawl the internet for more mindless entertainment, to keep them from having to think independently or care about what is happening to their world.

None of this is happening randomly. This is being done deliberately by people who only care about control, money and power.

In order to safeguard what they have, the masses must be stopped from doing anything proactive. Why is it when huge institutions break the law and cheat the public out of billions to pounds, euros or, God forbid, dollars, they usually only get fined?

Fined? All they do is cheat some more to pay the fine! Or the fine is a fraction of what was stolen, so paying it isn’t any kind of punishment. Occasionally a person gets prosecuted, but it’s usually someone dispensable. The people at the top are completely immune from any responsibility or repercussions!

If the majority of the population weren’t staring at electronic device screens or sending pictures of cute fluffy animals to each other, they might just get annoyed enough to get out and do something about the gathering evil in our midst.

Nothing is what it seems in this day and age. Illusion is everything!

The public think they know what is going on by watching news channels. This is not helping anyone. News channels have their own agendas. They spew out exactly what they are told to spew out. Every story is carefully selected and crafted to represent what you need to think.

At the moment, the Russians are the bad guys. Making us live in fear of another world war. Next year it will be the Americans who are Satan’s little helpers.

The fear of something is vital in keeping the population from doing anything slightly subversive. We can’t allow the public to think for themselves. This always leads to trouble. Anyone seen as an independent thinker will be leaned on to get back in line, or if that doesn’t work, stronger tactics will be used:

Reported to the authorities for offences not committed. Harassed in numerous small annoying ways by official government departments. Documents tampered with and being used against the person in question. Detained by the police and released after a couple of humiliating hours in a cell.

This is all about stopping people from asking questions and keeping them in perpetual fear.

Now that huge swathes of the planet are now living either in fear of conflict or are living directly in fear in war shattered areas, the next step is keeping the pressure on and making sure opposition to the ruling political party is minimalised.

This is done by the method I wrote about in my last piece. Water down the opposition parties until they are not a viable alternative. But leaving that party unelectable on a life support system, giving the illusion to the public, that it still exists.

People believe that politicians with opposing views are at each other’s throats all the time. This is another illusion.

In Scotland the SNP who are the government in our devolved system are publicly hostile to the ruling Conservative party who have overall responsibility for the UK.

This looks good for the drooling masses who make up most of the SNP support. The “we hate England” brigade. In reality, both parties have done exactly the same thing to their respective opposition.

In England, the Conservative party really have very little opposition. The Labour party has imploded spectacularly and could divide into two even more hopeless parties and the Liberal Democrats, who are reduced to almost nothing, are irrelevant.

In fact the real “opposition” is provided by the SNP members of the Westminster parliament.

In Scotland, the main opposition to the SNP are probably the Scottish Conservative party. The traditional opposition used to be the Scottish Labour party. But it has been reduced to rubble by complacency and infighting. This is no coincidence that the two main parties in the UK now rule in what are essentially one party states at this time.

Much is made of a so called fued between the leaders of the two parties but once again, it’s an illusion. Mrs May and Ms Sturgeon are birds of a feather. They are where they are, because they are seen as being ruthless enough to see this process of parliamentary emasculation through to its ultimate conclusion.


credit: Marco Verch

Back at the circus of the American Presidential election, the Republican party is being reduced, quite deliberately, to an unelectable infighting shambles. This is being done for the same reasons as we see in the UK. Total control.

People will believe that the Republican party did it to themselves by having a raving lunatic as their candidate, but this is an assisted suicide. It is in the interest of the powers that be, to have this happen at exactly this time.

To all intents and purposes, democracy in the USA is being hijacked by people who only care about control and power. Voters mistakenly think that their vote will help to change something, but it is just one more illusion. Their vote changes precisely nothing!

At one stage in the history of democracy, votes did make a difference, people were proud to vote, but in the last three decades, it has mattered less and less. As globalisation has devoured everything in its insatiable path. All opposition has been crushed in the quest for money and power.

There will come a point where they have everything. They will own the world. But what then? These people can’t sit still and be satisfied. There has to be a reckoning. There has to be a price to be paid for the greed and criminality.

How this will happen, I have no idea, but happen it will. Probably not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

Take heed and watch for patterns to emerge. Watch how effective or ineffective other opposition parties become in other countries. One party states are only good for the leadership of these parties, not the citizens!

There may still be time to change the course of events, but it will take a monumental effort from many people to turn the tide! Start the effort here and let other people know what is going on around them.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo “Mural on East Side Gallery of Berlin Wall” of confused newspaper readers courtesy of Gorgalore, Wikimedia Commons; Internet of things courtesy of Toma Cristian, Cristian Ciurea and Ion Ivan, Wikimedia Commons; Clinton vs Trump store courtesy of Marco Verch, WC]


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