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Brexit: The Turkeys Have Come Home to Roost

Brexit: The Turkeys Have Come Home to Roost
June 25
19:55 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

The morning after the morning after the night before, sees herds of confused television news reporters and camera crews roaming around city centres across the country, asking why the result of the EU referendum was to leave.

The main reason was that the people, the voting public, got very tired of the lies and general negative campaigning from the Remain side of the argument.


credit: photo by MOTORAL1987

This had to happen at some point in time. All politicians lie. This is a fact. But when they lie so blatantly, while looking us in the eye, then they are going to be in trouble. Not that the Leave campaign was much better. Their lies were slightly less apocalyptic than the Remain lies, but lies all the same.

None of the participants in this debacle come out of it very well.

Now we are discovering that no one, neither Remain or Leave, had envisaged the reality of the public voting to leave the EU! All of them had speeches ready to use when the Remain campaign won, but none had anything prepared for what actually happened.

Now comes the difficult part. How do they make the exit from the EU work in practical terms?

Many so called wise people are scratching their heads and trying to figure out what happens next. This is all a step into the unknown for all sides, EU and Britain.

The EU wants Britain to start the process immediately, if not sooner. Britain wants to wait until October for some reason. This is to do with Cameron resigning and the election of a new leader of the Conservative party.

Or it’s a stalling tactic to try to figure out what the hell to do! Whatever the reason, the vote was for Leaving the EU and this should be set in motion as soon as possible. There is enough confusion over the mechanism for our departure without dilly dallying and shilly shallying over where you begin.

There are people who apparently voted Leave, but wished they had voted Remain. These are usually called idiots!

I have no sympathy for anyone who says “I made a mistake, can’t I vote again?” No you can’t! This is not a video game, dopey, this is real life and you don’t get another chance to vote!

There really are people out there who cannot accept the democratic process. I just don’t understand what is going through their minds. The EU have accepted the result of the referendum. The Prime Minister has given his resignation. What part of this don’t these deluded fools understand?

Apparently there is an online petition with over 100,00 signatures wanting the referendum rerun. There will probably be a parliamentary debate triggered by the number of signatures, but that will be as much as these fantasists will get.

Only in this age of video games and the “I’m entitled” generation, could this happen. Governments always want to be seen as being modern and “in touch” with young people, but in actual fact they are completely out of touch!

There are desperate attempts to get this democratic decision overturned somehow and senior politicians should be telling these children that despite all their tantrums, they aren’t going to get their own way!

The BBC couldn’t be more biased in favour of any kind of futile attempt to go against the will of the people. Reporting on anything which might get them the result they craved.

Ashen faced reporters talk in hushed tones about the disaster of the result. Britain will slide into obscurity and millions of people will be jobless within days! The streets will be full of grey-faced, glassy-eyed people begging for crumbs. Children will be used as chimney sweeps once again. Civilisation will collapse and chaos will be the order of the day.

This is utter nonsense. There will be no discernable difference between yesterday and today and tomorrow.

My only concern is that the working class has been hoodwinked into trading one set of elite for another. The Leave campaign was touted as a grassroots movement, but it was orchestrated by people who have their own selfish reasons for wanting out. It is really just a change of management.

Huge amounts of money were made by unscrupulous people on the day before and the day after the referendum. The markets were being manipulated and not for the first time.

The leaders of the Leave campaign couldn’t care less about the working class. When some people saw the Leave campaign was genuinely making progress and was becoming popular with huge sections of the population, they saw a way of managing the campaign to make sure regardless of the result, they would still be in charge and make vast amounts of money in the ensuing financial “chaos”.

Nothing happens without the approval of multinational corporations, who pull the strings of almost every country.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, and this is a case in point. All the hoopla surrounding the result of the referendum, won’t last very long, before there is a realisation that nothing will change.

Oh, politicians will boast that we are the masters of our own destiny but the truth is our destiny will be controlled by a different bunch of crooks.

I may be wrong and Britain will be back to the peaceful place it was in the past. A land of green rolling hills and gentle people, but that particular horse has long since bolted. We can’t recreate the past and anyone who promises this, should be sent to a padded room!

Time will tell if this momentous decision will be good for Britain, but I have a feeling it will only be good for the new management!

In Scotland there are rumblings about another independence referendum. Dear God no!
Give us a break and keep all politicians off the streets and away from the public for as long as possible!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Brexit: Britain leaves the EU illustration by VectorOpenStock; referendum pamphlet from HM Government, Wikimedia Commons]

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