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Trump: A Man Alone Inside His Own Head

Trump: A Man Alone Inside His Own Head
October 11
16:09 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

On Sunday evening Donald Trump let the mask slip completely. What I saw was not pleasant or in any way “normal” behaviour.

He has always been loud and obnoxious, but generally taken as part of his relentless self publicity. This is “normal” for the man he portrays: A hugely popular, successful, well-liked and, above all, generous benefactor.

What appears to be crawling out from under the mask of big mouthed buffoonery, is a sinister, vengeful, ugly being. While Mrs Clinton was talking, he prowled around the stage like a constipated gorilla. Squinting menacingly at her as she blasted holes in his crackpot theories.

I still can’t understand why the moderator or producer didn’t tell him to stay behind his lectern and stay there!

He was very obviously trying to intimidate his opponent and in a debate, especially something as important as it was, his actions were akin to stalking!

His comments regarding jailing Mrs Clinton were passed off by him as just banter, as are most of his insane utterances. But the look in his eyes tells a very different story. He was very serious about what he was saying and he would certainly, if elected, attempt to do just that!

Like most sociopaths, he enjoys intimidation. It’s not as if he is breaking any laws. All he is doing is standing close enough to be unsettling and knowing the effect he is having on his victim.

He is never wrong. He cannot be told he is wrong. He especially cannot be told he is wrong by a woman. His type of man says he loves women, but only as objects he can show off and use. He is scared by powerful women. He feels inferior to them, and therefore he has to belittle and degrade them.

If I was a young woman, I would not want to be alone in a room with him! He thinks he owns his women and any woman who is in his vicinity. A smile is enough to make him think he can have whatever he wants. This type of man thinks he is irresistible to the opposite sex.

I would imagine revenge is very much part of his everyday thinking. Plotting and planning how to get back at anyone who dares talk back to him or tries to stop him doing what he wants.

If he is forced into making some kind of apology, it will be grudged and not from the heart. It will be something which has to be done to gain public sympathy.

He would never admit to doing anything wrong. It is always someone else’s fault. There has to be another person to blame! Taking responsibility is for others, not for a great and infallible man like him.

His type of personality is without doubt, dangerous. Here is a person who has been made bankrupt more than once, saying it wasn’t his fault! He is caught on video lying like a rug on the floor, or in his case, his head, and denying he said what he clearly said!

He will manipulate public opinion to make him look like the victim. This is standard procedure for this kind of person. He will not be held responsible for any action he had taken.

If or when he crashes and burns in this election, it will be nothing he has done. It will be everyone else’s fault. The media made him lose. The Republican party made him lose. His opponent didn’t play fair. She told the truth about him! She made him lose. The public were brainwashed by the evil media. They were to blame for all his failings.

The only person who didn’t make him a loser, is Donald Trump. Because in his mind, he’s perfect and can’t be blamed for his own failures!

There is a Scottish saying, which I imagine Mr Trump knows….

“A ‘body’s oot o’ step except oor Jock”

He should think about this, but he really can’t because he isn’t capable of rational thought!

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  1. Marina (@1lolamarina)
    Marina (@1lolamarina) October 16, 20:49

    Mr. Trump is a prisoner of his own idiocy! Well written!

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  2. Marina (@1lolamarina)
    Marina (@1lolamarina) October 16, 20:51

    Mr Trump is a prisoner of his own idiocy. He will soon find out his own ego has consumed him. Lolamarina

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