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Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Looks Like Charles Manson on Life Mag ctd: Who’s Crazier?

August 12
03:54 2011
David writes:

Wait! Are you saying…Charlie for president? There’s a blogspot blog called ‘releasecharlesmansonnow.’ Maybe they’d be onside, too. I wonder how he feels about death panels, an overcrowded prison system, and the seperation of church and state?


No, David, I am not saying Charlie for president (but they did give him a Hollywood star). I am not crazy enough to think that America deserves a president as soulful and willful as Charles Manson. I do think that Michele Bachmann’s brand of crazy (Queen of Rage) is far more dangerous than Manson’s brand, and I think her ‘crazy’ affects millions more people than Manson’s.

Kind of like George W Bush’s ‘crazy’ unsettled 26 million Iraqis (millions became refugees fleeing for their lives, and hundreds of thousands were killed…murdered). So it goes, Kurt Vonnegut wrote after every death mentioned in his novel “Slaughter House Five”.

And indeed, that was Bush’s attitude, it seemed, courtesy of Donald Rumsfeld, who said sophisticated and enlightened things about the chaos and violent destruction in Iraq like, Freedom isn’t tidy.

So is Charles Manson crazy? Sure he’s crazy, but there are many crazies, and his crazy is like a drop in Washington’s ocean of Crazy. If I can use such a lacking metaphor.

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