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The Most Unworthy Americans: the NYPD’s Continued Brutality

by ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKELos Angeles, CA By now you’ve probably heard of Felix Rivera-Pitre, the Occupy Wall Street protester who was punched in the face by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona

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The Iran Terror Plot: Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit!

Is Washington giving themselves the “green light” to attack Iran? Does anybody actually believe the story behind the Iranian terror plot?Glenn Greenwald writes: The most difficult challenge in writing about

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Golfing for the Troops

From Huffington Post: Bush said he doesn’t want veterans to mistake his private nature with a lack of appreciation for what they’ve done on the battlefield. “They hadn’t seen me

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The Two-Headed Weasel Condemns Occupy Wall Street

The two-headed weasel, while speaking at the Values Voters Summit in Washington today, said: This administration’s failed policies have resulted in an assault on many of our nation’s bedrock principles.

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Massive March from Occupy Los Angeles

[UPDATE]: from Occupy LA Today (Mon, Oct. 3rd): At 4:00pm, we meet at City Hall for a bank protest with

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Bank of America to Charge Fee For Debit Card Use

Dear Dirty America. I mean, dear Bank of America customers: You will now be charged $5 per month to use

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Pluto in Capricorn: Occupy Wall Street Just One Example

For those of us who follow Astrology, we knew there would be massive shifts in power and wealth when Pluto

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Student Debt Bubble

Kit From Truth Dig: In the aftermath of the stock market failure of 2008, another type of economic bubble is

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Bologna’s Mace Stinging Eyes Across the World

Anthony Bologna — the NYPD Captain who mace-blasted a few female protesters trapped behind a fence — has become famous

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Occupy Los Angeles

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading, and cities like Chicago and Los Angeles are stirring in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in New York City. Daniel Bluemel writes:

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