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The US’s Global Dominion Does Little Good for Its Citizens

April 17
20:30 2012
Los Angeles

One of the telltale signs that our dear nation is in free fall decline is President Obama’s fake health care reform. Ravi Katari explains:

The bottom line is that the individual mandate would require everyone to buy in to private insurance risk pools to decrease medical premiums. It will funnel hundreds of billions of dollars to private insurers and Big Pharma and further inflate their political clout. Even if it passes, an estimated 23 million of the current 50 million Americans will remain uninsured (20). Alternatives such as a single-payer system or at least a public option are completely missing from the debate even though a majority of the population is in favor of them. Of course, with these alternatives, private insurance companies would stand to lose. Corporate executives would lose money and perhaps workers would be laid off, but that overall human suffering would be less is an obvious conclusion of alternatives that are marginalized by the media and our politicians. (read the entire article)

Even though the US is still the powerhouse of the world, its citizens struggle more every month with a failing economy, struggle to receive, or pay for adequate healthcare insurance, and suffer at the dictatorial hands of Big Money.

And how can we Americans, who are struggling to keep financially afloat in a deadened economy, raise enough money and find the time and energy to affect real change? To get higher on the pay scale (or to even just get a job), you need higher education, but that education is very expensive, and leads to decades of debt enslavement. But without that education, you risk being one of the tens of millions of uninsured Americans at risk over any illness or injury that might send you to the doctor. Without that higher education degree, you flirt with a life of poverty, joblessness, or minimum wage income.

Katari shows in his article how our country, the global juggernaut, is in sharp decline because its citizens cannot make effective change, because they don’t have the money, and to get the money, they have to go deep into debt first. All of this staves off social activism and a populace with the means to climb the social ladder.

We must continue to demand a healthcare public option, and we must demand an end to the debt that keeps us in shackles. Student loan debt. Credit card debt.

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