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TSA Infiltrates Houston Metro: Share Your Seat with A Goon

April 20
16:21 2012
Los Angeles

If you avoid flying because of the TSA and their body scanners and latex gloves, you might also have to avoid city buses. Starting in Houston, Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has revealed the newest plans for “BusSafe”. TSA agents, some in their ritual garb, and others in plain clothes, will be riding along with you, watching and listening for odd behavior.

There will be random bag checks, personal property searches, and questions asked. You might have to prove that you’re really riding the bus to work, and not to an Al Qaeda convention. You might have to open your lunchbox, peel apart your peanut butter and jelly covered bread slices, and let the TSA agent finger it.

It’s funny to think about, but this is real. “BusSafe” is an initiative starting in Houston, and is meant to be the guinea pig for TSA infiltrating buses nationwide. We’re going to have to say NO in a big way, or suffer the consequences of living in a country with spies and government agents on every street corner.

Sheila J Lee made a rousing speech at her press conference. She said if people on buses want to be bad actors, they will have a short lived time-frame. What does she mean by bad actors? People who stand up for their Fourth Amendment? No unreasonable searches and seizures? If anybody is a bad actor, it’s SJL. She’s turned on her people by allowing this unlawful search and seizure to spread to the METRO bus system. She’s a poor excuse for a sworn official supposedly upholding the tenets of the Constitution.

The people of Houston really must say no to this, and as forcefully as possible. As soon as they let this go by, “BusSafe” will spread to every city, and we’ll be complying like the good little Americans we are. I hope for a lot of Bad Actors in Houston. I hope you all take off your shoes, remove your socks, and stuff them into the mouths demanding you open your bag for a random check.

Sheila Jackson Lee, the Grand Betrayer of Fourth Amendment rights, should be under citizen arrest, put in handcuffs, and stuffed into an over-sized dog kennel, which will then be strapped atop a bus loaded with TSA agents. She must be forced, by the citizens, to ride the bus route in her kennel overhead, from 9 to 5. I personally think she could use that kind of intense fresh air. Maybe she can think about how she voted for the NDAA bill also.

Last December I wrote a funny (or at least it was supposed to be funny) article about the TSA checking for testicular cancer in the airport while they were in your pants anyway. That piece was facetious because, while agents do have time to grope children’s body parts, tear off clothes on elderly women, and yank off colostomy bags and spray urine everywhere, agents don’t have enough time to give a thorough medical check. They may give testicles a squeeze, but that’s it. Just like they grab the breasts of well-known models, and make beautiful women go through the body scanner multiple times.

With that being said, we’re now subject to these “officials” (who really aren’t official, but simply employees who don’t mind digging through old men’s diapers, putting their hands on children’s body parts, and detaining passengers because they have Arabic language-learning flash cards) harassing us on buses. Soon to be trains. Soon to be checkpoints on the side of the road that screen cars at random.

What is this country turning into? Or, what has it already become? As far as I can tell, we are in the Great Squeeze of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Wall Street. We’re in a system meant to demean us, keep us down, keep us in submission. The spirit of our Constitution would crush this kind of tyranny overnight, but so few in our society seem to keep that spirit alight within themselves.

People are waking up. They’re asking why we have to give all our treasure to the banks. Why we have to pay for their trillion dollar gambling. Why we have to suffer a dollar that isn’t worth nearly as much as it should be, to keep up with inflation. Why the Federal Reserve printed $16 trillion to bailout multinational corporations, and foreign banks. Keep asking the questions, America. And don’t back down, just like this Irish journalist. Be strong. Stand up.

We are not the enemies. We do not deserve to be searched and prodded because we decide to ride the bus to work. We should not be treated as suspicious, and guilty until proven otherwise. Whatever really happened on 9/11/01, it wasn’t a result of the people who ride public transportation to work. You are not the enemy. We have to stand up against unlawful searches.

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