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Bologna’s Mace Stinging Eyes Across the World

Anthony Bologna — the NYPD Captain who mace-blasted a few female protesters trapped behind a fence — has become famous almost overnight. If the Supreme had created Bologna for this

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Occupy Los Angeles

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading, and cities like Chicago and Los Angeles are stirring in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in New York City. Daniel Bluemel writes:

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May Troy Davis Haunt You

forever. May the members of the U.S. Supreme Court who failed to grant Troy Davis clemency see Mr Davis in their dreams at night. May they wake up slick in

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Four More Years, Detroit Screams at Obama

Four more years! At the Labor Day rally in Detroit, Obama stepped to the podium and had to repeatedly thank the crowd for their wild cheering and applause. They wouldn’t

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The Real Unemployment Rate

Joe Mabel I’ve been mentioning the “real” unemployment rate in many of my blog posts and articles on the web.

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Guatemalan Newspapers Detail Uncle Sam’s Brutal STD Experiment

El Espectador writes: Its a shame that sompe people think they are so superior to others. So much that even

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Dick Cheney’s New Memoir – Most Criminals Are Barred From Making Money Off of Their Crimes

Dick Cheney’s memoir “In My Time” will be released Tuesday and the former vice president will no doubt receive accolades

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Anybody But Obama 2012!

BY AUSTIN WAYNE LUEBKE Amman, Jordan And by anybody I mean Ron Paul. For all you leftists and self-identified progressives

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Muammar Gaddafi Is One Less Tyrant in the World, but At What Cost?

A member at Democratic Underground writes: I expect all the Republicans (and some Democrats) that bitched and moaned about Obama’s

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Eliot Spitzer Sued for $90 Mil — He Should Write for Dear Dirty America

Poor Eliot Spitzer. He can’t get a break. Sure, he was busted for enjoying a bit of prostitution, but Benjamin Franklin enjoyed the brothel as much as any other politician.

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