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Open Borders, Open Wounds: Close Your Eyes & Hope for the Best

Open Borders, Open Wounds: Close Your Eyes & Hope for the Best
July 29
11:30 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

The thinking behind Germany’s welcome to hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern “refugees” has always baffled me. I thought at the time that it had all the makings of a horrible disaster. And sadly it has become just that.


credit: US Dept of State

The recent terrorist atrocities prove beyond a doubt that this open door policy was a mistake of gigantic proportions.

How could the German authorities be in any way certain the people they were letting in, were genuine fugitives from the various war zones in the Arab world? A percentage of them had to be potential terrorists.

If this was obvious to people like myself, then surely the “intelligence” services of the EU countries should have know what would happen. Unless the idea was to allow these potentially dangerous people access to all the amenities provided by Germany and it’s neighbouring countries.

There seems to be a pattern emerging in the last few years in Europe. After the London 7/7 bombings, there has been steady stream of terrorist attacks across Europe. It’s almost as if,  in order to keep public opinion on the side of the authorities, there has to be an enemy to be afraid of and to be kept safe from.

Unlike France , Germany had been free of major terrorist attacks and had been seen to be willing to take a position which was clearly at odds with other western countries. Taking huge numbers of people in when others were trying to get out of any obligation to help.

This wasn’t in the script and it had to be stopped. Public opinion was with the German government and that had to change. The country was being overwhelmed by the migrants.

By this time even the German authorities realised their mistake and wanted the unlimited migration halted.

Suddenly a wave of “terrorist” atrocities rolled across the country, killing and injuring many people, and within days, people were saying the open door policy had to be stopped immediately.

The German authorities and the media in Britain have been very quick to say that the people responsible for these attacks have been mentally ill. This is obviously a ploy to deflect from the reality that it’s the policies of European governments which have resulted in these attacks.

They are saying that anyone who has mental health issues can not be to blame for their actions. In reality, we have no idea if these men had suffered from any mental illness. We only have the word of the governments and media, and we know how reliable they are!

All of these terrorist attacks across western Europe have resulted in more armed police and the army on streets to provide “security” for the public. More like security FROM the public!

In France there is talk of providing a National Guard, because the police and army are overstretched. This makes no sense. If there aren’t enough police officers and not enough soldiers, from where are they going to recruit a National Guard? The unemployed? The migrants? Don’t politicians ever think before they open their mouths?

Right now in almost every country in western Europe, the public are living in fear of being targeted by terrorist attacks. At one time the authorities had a good idea of who was leaving and entering their countries. But not anymore.

There is a humanitarian calamity of monumental proportions happening right now. European policy on the issue is one of closed eyes and hoping for the best. There seems to be an almost complete disregard for the implications of this unprecedented mass migration.

These poor people fleeing from tyranny and war need to be housed safely in peace and security, but the innocent are being infiltrated by people who don’t care about their fellow travelers and want to cause harm and fear on the streets of all European capitals.

These people don’t care if their victims are the same people who traveled hundreds of miles with them, or just random people who are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The upshot of this terrorism, is the speeding up of the militarism of up to now, free societies. It plays into the hands of the people who want us under their control and living in fear of the next atrocity.

I haven’t noticed a serious attack on any European politicians or government buildings. These people are always well protected, unlike the rest of us. They assume they are much more important than they actually are, but are as replaceable as everyone else.

The recent attack in France on the Catholic priest is another attempt to ramp up the fear that people aren’t safe anywhere. Even in the sanctity of a church. This happened even though one of the attackers was wearing security device on his ankle! You couldn’t make this up!

Governments and terrorists want us to live with the threat of extreme violence hanging over our heads. It suits their shared agendas to have us quivering in fear. Freedom is something politicians always spout when they give speeches, but that is an illusion. The freedom they speak of is the freedom they want to have, to keep us all quiet and not question anything.

We cannot believe anything the media says, as they are only telling us what government wants us to know. We have to open our minds to some unpalatable truths and stop staring at the latest version of the news. We have to question everything we are told.

Governments spend a lot of time and money, telling us we must have high-speed internet connections. Why? Another way of keeping track of what we might be thinking? Smart phones are wonderful, but they can tell the authorities where we are twenty-four hours a day.

We are becoming increasingly zombie like-with the advent of computer games which are right now taking control of people’s choices and lives.

Wake up and smell the bullshit folk, before it is too late!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Syrian refugees photo courtesy of Mstyslav Chernov, Wikimedia Commons; John Kerry overlooks massive Syrian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan, Wikimedia Commons]

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