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Political Halfwits and Media Muppets

Political Halfwits and Media Muppets
November 07
11:17 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

So the starting gun has been fired and the insanity has begun.

Politicians have already gone full idiot and are using zero common sense to try to trip each other up.

Any politician daft enough to tell the truth on any “sensitive” issue, is vilified and made to look like a mass murderer.

The stunts have already started, which is going to make this long campaign even longer.

The Liberal Democrat’s leader in Scotland, Willie Rennie, has been filmed dancing down a street, hand in hand with one of his aides, a la “Morecambe and Wise”, whilst out on the campaign trail.

Jeremy Corbyn is upset because Boris Johnson described him as similar to Stalin. This is outrageous. Some people actually liked Stalin!

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP, was on Saturday afternoon, one of the speakers at an independence rally in Glasgow.

Her contribution was a manic rant of which a certain German dictator would have been proud. Her face contorted with hate as she screamed that Scotland under the SNP was a joyous and inclusive society, which no Tory would be allowed to change.

Basically inclusive if everyone voted for the SNP and didn’t want to change anything unless it was specifically allowed to do so by the SNP politburo.

No dissent will be tolerated and all other political parties will be banned.

But for the moment, due to the general election, other parties are involved.

I mentioned Willie Rennie of the Liberal Democrats, who only seems to appear when there’s an election in the month. During normal service, he’s rarely heard of in the Scottish Parliament. Mice wearing carpet slippers make more noise in Hollyrood than the reclusive Willie.

The Scottish Conservatives are leaderless at the moment, due to the retirement of Ruth Davidson. So, no buffalo riding videos should be around this time. The Conservative party are being led by her deputy, Jackson Carlaw. Yes, you read it correctly, Jackson Carlaw. I have no idea what his parents were thinking about, but he is quite able and has been quite good at verbal jousting with Mother Sturgeon.

The Green Party are hardly worth mentioning, but they will have candidates standing against the SNP in some constituencies, much to the chagrin of the SNP. I mean, they’re supposed to be allies to the Cult.

Oh wait, I forgot the Scottish Labour Party, but so has everyone else. So I’ll just say, they will have very little impact in the election in the Scottish constituencies.

Where once they didn’t count the Labour votes, the weigher them, the SNP has taken control. There’s nothing else to add. Wait… Ok they’re pathetic.

Back in England, the leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, who despite having absolutely no hope of winning the election, is claiming she should be in a television leadership debate.

Her entire campaign is focused on staying in the EU. She has decided that her party will pick up the votes of disaffected Conservative and Labour voters who she thinks will find a new Liberal Democrat home.

I never watch political leadership debates, so it doesn’t matter if Ms Swinson is offered a place on the podium or not. I don’t think anyone ever decided who to vote for from the evidence of the televised debate.

If one wants to see three people shouting and arguing about politics, drop in at any pub for a few minutes.

The Labour Party has almost as much chance of winning the election as the Liberal Democrats, but because they have been elected in the past, albeit under the slimy Tony Blair, they feel more important than the Libs.

They are now dominated by hard left Corbyn and John McDonnell faction, Momentum. They are manipulating their own people into constituencies at the cost of moderate Labour politicians. Just tonight, their moderate deputy leader, Tom Watson, has resigned and won’t stand at this election. He was hated by the Left, so no tears will be shed at his departure.

In truth, he was a remnant of the Blair New Labour project and disliked by almost everyone. So I’m certainly happy to see the back of him.

The Conservative Party will, in all probability, be the winner of the election. They’re well ahead of Labour in the polls despite the mess Brexit has caused the party and its ability to govern in the last few months.

But the public aren’t idiots and could see why they couldn’t get Brexit resolved without calling the election.

It was obvious that the opposition were in control and regardless of what they were offered, they refused to accept any deal.

They were helped by rogue Conservative members, most of which have decided not to stay in politics. Not surprising though. They preferred to jump before they were beaten by the voters.

Boris Johnson appears to be blundering around, but is probably much more effective a politician than most people seem to think.

I’m pretty sure he will still be Prime Minister after the election and I think they will have an overall majority of around 15/20 seats.

Hopefully this will enable Brexit to be dealt with and the country can move on to the future without this cloud of uncertainty hanging over it any more.

PS…. I forgot to mention the UK Green Party, which has launched its election campaign today. Pledging to spend many hundreds of billions of pounds on a variety of different projects, none of which I can remember.

As they will never get a sniff of power, they can reel off long numbers until their heads explode.

I will be back with more election news next week….. If I haven’t lost the will to live.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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