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The Most Unworthy Americans: the NYPD’s Continued Brutality

October 19
02:38 2011
Los Angeles, CA

By now you’ve probably heard of Felix Rivera-Pitre, the Occupy Wall Street protester who was punched in the face by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona last week during a protest. The NYPD claims Rivera-Pitre tried to elbow Cardona, and that he tried to spray something at police officers, yet the multitude of videos show Rivera-Pitre trying to back away from the police. He doesn’t raise his fists or make any sort of combative movement.

Photograph: Andrew Gombert/EPA

And if this whole ugly ordeal came down to taking one side or the other, I would feel much safer on Rivera-Pitre’s side. The NYPD has not been acting like an oath-taking police force, but more like a third-world country’s band of vigilante thugs run by a high-level cutthroat financial cartel. The white shirts, or the Deputy Inspectors have been the worst. Anthony Bologna was the first to be caught assaulting OWS protesters, and it was his gratuitous shots of pepper spray that kicked off the revolution and suddenly got a whole hell of a lot of Americans interested in joining the now nationwide protests.

Bologna hired by Syria to go nuts on protesters

Whether it be a Bologna or a Cardona, the rotten and dishonorable among the NYPD have come out swinging, and luckily they have been videotaped from multiple angles, which makes it trickier for the city to defend these guttersnipes, even though they are still trying. Bloomberg and Kelly will say anything to defend their slimeball pigs.

When the people finally take the power back, it will be easier to identify those who have been against the side of humanity, against the otherwise honorable police forces of this nation, and against peaceful protests and the American Constitutional rights given to all U.S. citizens.

It is the Bolognas and the Cardonas who will need to be strung up by their heels to the tops of the dirtiest lampposts. Our society has no need for these ninnies and cowards who find it pleasurable to mace and punch and kick and beat unarmed protesters. They should be shit on by pigeons. They should be humiliated. If there is any need for these gutless monsters, the need would only be to identify what we as humans should not be, or ever become, and what we as humans should prosecute and eradicate with the best of our abilities.

Occupy Los Angeles swarms city hall

There is no redemption for hurting innocent people. There is no honor in police officers assaulting unarmed people, protesting or not. As Sgt Shamar Thomas shouted at a group of blank-faced, zombie NYPD officers, “There is no honor” in beating U.S. citizens. “They don’t have guns!” he screamed. “They are unarmed. There is no honor in that shit.”

And he’s right. So when will the police brutality end? As soon as there are serious consequences for violence against the people. The people will win, but it will take time and persistence. The police brutality will continue, but the revolutionary fire raging from coast to coast of this nation continues to burn hotter and brighter and will consume the most unworthy among us. Like Anthony Bologna, and Johnny Cardona, and anybody else who wishes to raise a finger against their peaceful fellow citizens.


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