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Beating It To Death In A Coffin

    Beating It To Death In A Coffin

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE When John Kerry continues to harass the American people and their representatives into war, and goes on about how Syria’s Assad must be stopped, otherwise the indiscriminate

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Criticism Aimed (In)directly At Yours Truly

Every now and again, I receive a fair bit of criticism for the content of my writing, or its style. The following is a colorful burst of aggression shot into

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Young Iraqis Send Ailing Dick Cheney Online Get Well Soon Message from Baghdad

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Iraqi boys, from 2003, just before Baghdad was bombed, now as young men wishing Dick Cheney a speedy recovery A seasoned playwright couldn’t pen a more touching

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Dick Cheney Alleged Toenail Suggests Further Transformation Into A Pig

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Photo of a hoof-like toenail alleged to be Dick Cheney’s JACKSON, WY — The Cheney family still hasn’t delivered an official statement, held a press conference, or

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GW Bush Offers Dick Cheney Osama bin Laden’s Old Heart for Transplant

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE TEXAS — Former president George W Bush offered his condolences to his former vice president’s struggles with

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George Bush Going on Bombing Mission in Afghanistan

Dear Dirty NewswireFormer president George W Bush has announced his 2011 Christmas plans: to get strapped into an F102A fighter

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George Bush Jr Commends America On Enthusiastic Black Friday Shopping

Dear Dirty NewswireCRAWFORD, TX — Former President George W Bush sent warm wishes to every American on this Thanksgiving Day

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Golfing for the Troops

From Huffington Post: Bush said he doesn’t want veterans to mistake his private nature with a lack of appreciation for

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Hey, Asshole, That’s the Air We Breathe!

Our dear dirty president has caved in to the demands of lobbyists and corporate America who are against new regulations

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Good Work in Iraq: Killing Children Before They Become Terrorists

Matthew Schofield writes: A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks provides evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10

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