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Beating It To Death In A Coffin

Beating It To Death In A Coffin
September 09
05:15 2013


When John Kerry continues to harass the American people and their representatives into war, and goes on about how Syria’s Assad must be stopped, otherwise the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons will become the norm for other dictators around the world, it’s worth imagining the young college Kerry purposefully masturbating with his fellow Skull & Bone initiates while lying naked in coffins and confessing their past sexual exploits.

I also wonder if, when the dunce George W Bush entered the Skulls two years later, the older member Kerry placed a hand on the clammy shoulder of the future 43rd president of the United States to offer encouragement as he concentrated on flinging his load.

These are the people who run our nation and call the major shots around the world. These are the suited men who stand on opposite sides of the stage in seeming opposition, with their contrasting souls bared before the American public in fervid hopes to score the majority of votes from the general populace and secure the biggest battleground states.

Just because they look corporate and speak in soundbites that can be cast out again and again through friendly major media networks doesn’t mean these men aren’t still figuratively waving their pink cigars in an ultimate show of futility and indecency. Except the coffins are not for show, and the barrels are not fleshy and loaded with warm, viscous substances.

“President Assad needs to be punished, and I assure you this won’t be another Iraq,” Kerry says in a voice that probably hasn’t changed much since he offered reassurance to the Junior Bush who, on his bare back and butt, stroked away at his flesh ferret and glanced upward with a look that said, “Am I doing this right?”

With the system in place and your comrades behind you, it’s hard to do it wrong. We saw that same look again and again, whether aimed across the stage at Kerry, or while in office, to a scowling Dick Cheney. Am I doing this right?

“It’s kind of hard to mess this up, George,” Kerry might have said. But who knows? Skull & Bones does not keep such meticulous records, and even if they did, they wouldn’t share them with you. You are not part of that club, and you never will be.

On stage, and before the world, there is not much difference, except the ritual is not nearly as obvious as it is being carelessly observed by a massive audience of semi-comatose people.


Once he starts thinking, he can’t stop

“Once you understand that you are being jizzed upon, the realization is unbearable!” the exiled cultural philosopher Hubert Humdinger once said of the matter. He’d been delivering a sloppy speech to a middle school Civics class in Northern Europe, where he lives out his days in exclusion. Up until that point in the presentation, the students had not been interested.

“Except, in the United States,” he said, “the trick is to get people rallying behind either the blue team or the red team, and to believe there are no other options. There is a great yearly event called the Superbowl which reinforces that duality. Feeble minds feel included in the decision making process, because they voted for one of two corporate government puppets running for office. This satisfies most Americans as much as choosing the winning team in the Superbowl.”

Except, no matter who you voted for, you are still not a part of the club.

Except you are as far as you’re useful. Your government for the people, your Constitution, your tax dollars, your military are all props in these fiends’ rituals, but they are used and abused just as frivolously now as when your world leaders were boys with their baloney ponies in their hands.

And they are stroking away. But the consequences are real. The seed is not benign; it’s acidic, rotten, and is yielding catastrophic results.

Here’s a little advice: Whenever you find yourself swayed by the stately show, take a moment to ask yourself if your leaders are not, in reality, holding their dicks in their hands. And be sure to note in what direction they are aimed.

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