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What Happened To Dick Cheney’s Old Heart? Rumor Has It, the Queen Ate It

    What Happened To Dick Cheney’s Old Heart? Rumor Has It, the Queen Ate It

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Dear Dirty America is not running a series called, Keeping Up With the Queen. But it should be. These days, that’s the kind of turf

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Young Iraqis Send Ailing Dick Cheney Online Get Well Soon Message from Baghdad

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Iraqi boys, from 2003, just before Baghdad was bombed, now as young men wishing Dick Cheney a speedy recovery A seasoned playwright couldn’t pen a more touching

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Dick Cheney Alleged Toenail Suggests Further Transformation Into A Pig

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Photo of a hoof-like toenail alleged to be Dick Cheney’s JACKSON, WY — The Cheney family still hasn’t delivered an official statement, held a press conference, or

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GW Bush Offers Dick Cheney Osama bin Laden’s Old Heart for Transplant

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE TEXAS — Former president George W Bush offered his condolences to his former vice president’s struggles with his heart transplant. He assured the family that he and

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SHOCKING: Dick Cheney’s Doctor Makes Startling Admission

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE JACKSON, WY — Dick Cheney’s primary doctor was forced into the harsh spotlight this morning with confused

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Dick Cheney Caught Acting Like Farm Animal: Recent Heart Transplant Suspected

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE [This news story has significantly developed since first breaking. Please click here for latest] [UPDATED BELOW] JACKSON,

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