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45,000 Verizon Workers On Strike: Pluto’s in Capricorn Until 2023

Pluto’s in Capricorn, and major shifts in power are underway. Corporate strongholds and monopolies will not be able to withstand the intense overturning, cleansing effect that Pluto in Capricorn will

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Hugo Chavez Flying to Cuba to Treat Cancer: He Should Try the Gerson Diet Instead

Hugo Chavez had a tumor removed from his pelvic region and now the world is wondering what kind of cancer he has. He will be returning to Cuba for a

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Sugar Daddies Paying Off Today’s Student Loans:

Amanda M. Fairbanks tells the story of young college girls who seek older, wealthy men who pay generously for an afternoon of sex or a classy evening out and a

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The 2nd Half of the Debt Deal for Progressives

Neil Munro writes: Obama made sure to remind progressives and liberals disappointed by the Sunday deal that he supports their preference for tax increases over spending cuts. The second half

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The President Surrenders Again: A Smashing Tea Party Victory?

Andrew Leonard writes about Obama’s debt ceiling deal: In the end, President Obama had to admit surrender. He tried to

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Hollywood & Highland Riot: About a Charles Manson Star on Walk of Fame?

Did DJ Kaskade’s Tweets start the Hollywood & Highland riot? A new rumor suggests the good deejay is off the

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Nobel Peace Prize: Norway Killer’s Plan for Peace Not Comprehensive As Obama’s

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE The Nobel Peace Prize officially rejected a bid to award the Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik, with its most prestigious prize. The committee announced the Norway bomber’s

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