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The UK, US, Libya Pan Am Connection

February 13
10:21 2012
Michael J Blair
Perthshire, Scotland

To try and make sense of the relationship between Libya and the UK, we have to go back to the Lockerbie atrocity. It wasn’t long after the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 that the UK and US decided, even in the face of conflicting evidence, Libya was responsible for the bombing. 

There were other more obvious suspects to be looked into, but for some reason a blinkered investigation focusing only on Libya took place.
Two suspects were identified, although the chain of evidence seemed to have several weak links. For example, a break-in atHeathrow airport warehouse the night before the tragedy was ignored. It didn’t fit the story which was being constructed.

There were the German and Maltese connections. A terrorist cell had been broken up, with the discovery of bomb making equipment identical to fragments found in the wreckage of the doomed Pan Am plane.


In Malta, a shopkeeper supposedly identified one of the two suspects as the man who bought children’s clothing in which to wrap round the bomb in the suitcase. It transpired that the shopkeeper had been paid a huge sum of money to make the identification! 

Eventually, after much international wheeling and dealing, a trial took place.  Two men tried with identical evidence against them, saw one man acquitted and one convicted. Bizarre! Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was sentenced to life in prison. Minimum 25years. He protested his innocence vehemently.
Some years later, after a lot of campaigning, his case was referred back to the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh. During his incarceration, Megrahi was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. Knowing that their case, and with it the international conspiracy which convicted Megrahi, would be blown apart, the authorities in Scotland and England decided to get rid of the problem. They told Megrahi that if he dropped his appeal, he would be freed on compassionate grounds, to spend his remaining time with his family in Libya.

The dying man took the deal.

The payoff to this was to allow British and US oil companies to get back into Libya.  This was all down to Tony Blair. He had made several trips to Libya to smooth the path for Megrahi’s release.

Prior to the so called Arab spring, Britain was Libya’s best friend. But as soon as it looked as if Gadaffi’s dictatorship was in danger of falling, he suddenly became the enemy. The West couldn’t wait to give “humanitarian” aid to the”rebels.”  This chance to get a slice of a very lucrative pie was too good an opportunity to pass. 

These uprisings were backed andpromoted by the CIA and MI6, and their “rebel” allies. This gave them access to huge oil reserves and strategic position to dominate North Africa and the Middle East.

Nothing is what it seems. Are the good guys the bad guys? Or is it the other way round?
What we do know is that innocent civilians were killed in the thousands in the name of freedom and democracy. The politicians behind these bloody atrocities should be tried as war criminals. Never should these cold-blooded lunatics be allowed to be in power again.


Keep alert. Keep looking for the truth. Be angry at the lies. Don’t let the bastards win!

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