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Mouth Frothing American Media Lunatics

February 12
19:54 2012
Michael J Blair
Perthshire, Scotland
Reporting on major world events should be relatively simple. Once there are TV crews and reporters on the ground, the truth of what is going on should soon be on our screens. Truth. That’s the key word.

Once upon a time we took TV and to a lesser degree, newspapers, at face value. Why would we doubt what the well groomed and well spoken newsreaders were telling us? Here in Britian, we had the BBC. Hugely respected worldwide. In America you had CBS, NBC and ABC.  Also well respected. Who wouldn’t trust the likes of Walter Kronkite to tell us the truth?

The BBC had equally trusted presenters. Richard Baker and Robert Dougall. We trusted all of them. There would be differences in presentation, but the messages we were given were the same. Serious news from serious men. You notice I say men.  Back then all newsreaders were exclusively male.

In that respect, America was ahead when it came to having female newscasters. The first one in Britian was treated like a novelty! For a long time, we here treated US news presentation as too full of razamataz and hoopla. Our news was much more muted and sombre. Therefore it had to be more truthful. Didn’t it?

People were much more naive a few years ago. News channels didn’t exist. We just took what we heard as the gospel truth. The big change came from Amerca. Breakfast news. 24hr news channels. Rolling news etc. Over here it took until the early 80s, before we even had breakfast TV shows.

As time goes on the differences have become fewer. The biggest one between news coverage here and America is Fox News. The first time I watched it, I was stunned! The rabid presenters, the unbelievable bias towards the right wing warmongers was like nothing I had ever witnessed.  “How do they get away with this?” I wondered.

Over here there has to be a balance. Although the BBC has been criticised for some quite obvious left wing leanings.

Who let’s these mouth-frothing Fox News lunatics anywhere near a TV station? Their mantra seems to be, “Let’s bomb anybody who doesn’t agree with our views.” As far as the truth goes, there is no truth!  Only their foul twisted opinions.

We don’t have the same type of lunacy here. If anything, most of opinion is slanted towards the left. Mostly slyly slipped into television discussions. One thing that is the same, is the inability to tell us the truth. They follow the official line. What we see, read and hear is their version of events.

The so called Arab Spring is an example. Anyone of an independent mind could see the hand of the US on the carnage. We, of course were expected to swallow the lie that it was in the name of humanity. If humanity is spelled..oil!  Now Syria is in chaos. Once again, the truth is shrouded in the tears and blood of the innocent.

Search for the truth. Do not accept the lies,and treat all “news” with scepticism.

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