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The Next Super Bowl: Iran vs US / Israel

February 06
01:30 2012
Adam Michael Luebke
Natl Correspondent
Los AngelesTaking a drive around Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday is of particular delight to those of us who find professional football devoid of entertainment and necessity. You, let’s just pretend it’s you, can drive down a nearly empty Olympic boulevard, skip north to an even emptier Wilshire boulevard, and cruise your way to any favorite coffee shop hotspot without any guff from the locals. They’re all huddled around screens with flickering images of giant men pounding giant men.

But there’s finesse and strategy to it! Yes, there is. And soon there will be an apparent strategy to the first strike on Iran from Israel. Then a follow up strike from the United States on Iran. Cruise missiles zipping from the Strait to the mainland, killing innocent Iranians. Drones dropping Hellfire missiles, which will spurt and streak across Iran’s skies until caressing their target and leveling whatever important government or civilian structure the US commander had his eye on.

Wait for that Iranian-fired torpedo to take out a US battleship. That’s all it takes.

Oh yes, we’re gearing up for a major war. A giant scuffle from our most imminent threat, Iran. The gameplan will be the same as Iraq. Must attack immediately. They have big weapons and will use them on us or Israel soon. Iran, evil. United States, defending goodness and freedom.

The NFL sports jugheads will cheer on the United States as if this is another Super Bowl. We’ll hang our colors again, and we’ll support the disastrous third world war that may result in an attack on Iran. Gobs of people murdered by weapons crafted by our fellow citizens, employed by multi-national corporations who bank on wars, and pay big money insuring there will be major world clashes.

Our state of affairs is too serious to be watching football every weekend, and studying football stats all week long. Soaking up the NFL sponsors messages about how life is and should be. It’s a CNN, ESPN world. That becomes the mainstream collective consciousness, and whatever ideas land outside of that primary, corporate-paid-for stream seem outlandish.

TV mentally sculpts the shape of our society, and that shape was created and directed to keep you wanting more materials, more goods, and not to get you asking why Barack Obama receives more money from Wall Street than any other candidate. You think he’s going to jail the executives and investment banker criminals who crashed our economy? When Pres Obama speaks about criminal actions on Wall Street, they know he’s talking out of his asshole, otherwise they wouldn’t wire him tens of millions of dollars if they thought he was the guy to put them behind bars.

Or why we’re about to challenge our current president with a man who makes $42.5 million in two years, and yet pays less in taxes than a school teacher?

But nobody seems to notice, and nobody seems to care. An offensive with Iran will prove debilitating to our country, and to our global economy. Who will China side with? And Russia, who will they support? You want a revolution? It’s too late. We’re already told we’re dealing with war.

Massive structures in Iran are being mysteriously pummeled overnight. Nuclear scientists are being blown up in cars on the streets of Iran. Israel is the culprit. How long with Iran take this? US and UN sanctions cutting off over half of Iran’s energy supply? That’s an act of war. Who’s going to pay for this when these acts of war become a full blown combat? Who’s going to fight it for our leaders?

I watched two minutes of the Super Bowl. Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass. It was a huge deal, because that touchdown gave the Patriots six points. New England’s got one hell of an offensive line. Brady could sit back there all day. The Giants have to do a better job at pressuring Brady.

The subsequent extra point kick gave the Patriots the lead. 10-9. Their drama is your drama. Keep giving your life to TV shows and sporting events. Keep sinking yourselves into that illusion while your corporate heads and corporate-sponsored politicians make decisions about your country for you.

It’s not that football is inherently evil or a bigger illusory distraction than anything else in life, it’s that sports and dramatic TV shows and violent movies are the incessant pulse of our society, and are meant to be continuously consumed. Go to work, come home, and plug into the corporate mind. Let them feed you reality, and they will, relentlessly.

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