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Michael J Blair

Conflicting Evidence out of Syria

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland Credit: FreedomHouse I was going to write a piece on Syria, but thought there were too many things still happening for a definitive article. We have

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Surveillance Society: One Nation Under CCTV

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland A few years ago a relative of mine stopped his car in the centre of one of our larger towns. He had seen a man collapse in

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The EU Despite Red Flashing Warning Signs

MICHAEL J BLAIR Blairgowrie, Scotland The Euro crisis is currently making headlines across the world. Here I try to make some sense of the mess.   1945-1959. The original aim of the union

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The Sneaking Militarisation of Police

MICHAEL J BLAIR Blairgowrie, Scotland Credit: Dave Morris For many years I have watched many public riots take place. Not only here in Britain, but in the USA. One thing that stands out

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Anorexic UK Religious Programming

MICHAEL J BLAIRPerthshire, ScotlandI had encountered American evangelists in small doses on television here in Britain, on the likes of the

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Glitz & Glam: the US vs the UK

  MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland  The Super Bowl. Now that is the way to put on a show. No expense

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Sun Journalists Arrested Gestapo-Style in Dawn Raids

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland    This week Big Brother arrived in style and in full public view. Scotland Yard launched a

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The UK, US, Libya Pan Am Connection

Michael J Blair Perthshire, Scotland To try and make sense of the relationship between Libya and the UK, we have to

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Mouth Frothing American Media Lunatics

Michael J Blair Perthshire, ScotlandReporting on major world events should be relatively simple. Once there are TV crews and reporters on

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Americans Led Like Labotomised Chimps, A View from a Scot

Michael J Blair   Perthshire , Scotland This is a look at how we in the UK view American foreign and domestic policy. I will try not to touch on

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