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Choice? What Choice? It’s the Donald & Hillary Show

Choice? What Choice? It’s the Donald & Hillary Show
September 05
17:12 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Against my better judgement, I’m going to dive into the dangerous and muddied waters of the American Presidential election. I’m not wearing a life jacket, so wish me luck!

John_F_Kennedy_BustMy earliest memory of American politicians was John F Kennedy and his subsequent assassination. It was some years before I realised he had beaten Richard M Nixon by a very slim majority and was probably lucky to win.

Kennedy was no saint, but compared to the current crop of politicians in America and elsewhere, he was a colossus.

These days we have to put up with recycled retreads and some of the most greedy and unpleasant people who have ever become public figures. They believe because of who they are or have been married to, they deserve to be in charge of countries and make decisions which damage the very people who vote them into office.

They need to step outside of themselves and realise that they are just a person like the rest of us. They have no idea of how privileged they are, to be in the position to possibly occupy the White House. There is no connection with the public on any level. They truly believe they are the chosen ones, and not just freaks of nature who trample over their own friends to get into power.

If they look at a picture of the earth, taken from space, they wouldn’t see borders. No territory stamped with names of countries. Just a ball of rock and water in the vastness of space. Just a dot amid the billions of planets and other lumps of rock.

These people are of no importance to the universe in any way. In fact, they are a hindrance to people on earth who could make a difference.

The world needs visionaries, not greedy self-serving prima donnas who believe only in power, patronage and privilege.

People with real vision are sidelined and ostracised, because they are seen as a threat to the cosy status quo and the hold governments have over their population. Independent thinking is distrusted by these parasites. And independent thinking is what is needed at a time of great international crisis.

Where is the need for people to chop up their neighbours because they worship a different imaginary being? Or because they are of a different tribe or different colour of skin?

There are only people. We may speak different languages and have different traditions, but we are all human. We cannot treat people as a commodity to be traded like coffee beans or cotton.

This is a time when people need to come together, not split apart and take opposing side in conflicts which were started not by themselves, but by powers thousands of miles away.

This is not a time to have clinically insane people trying to become the leader of the most powerful country on the planet. This is a time when conflicts have to be avoided. The only beneficiaries of war are huge corporations and their shareholders.

Neither candidate for the Presidency of the United States has anyone’s interests except their own in mind as they scramble and scratch their way to power.

They do not care whether their own citizens are homeless and starving. They care even less about people in other poorer countries, who are literally starving to death because of government and corporate greed.

The mind boggles at the amount of money spent on all the political campaigns around the world. That money could be better spent on health care or housing, not on the bloated egos of insanely ambitious politicians and other moronic contenders.

There should be limits on the amount of money spent on election campaigns. And there should be psychological testsDonald_Trump_Anti_Prez on every person who wants to become a politician of any kind. That would result in almost none of the applicants being allowed to be in charge of a floor mop, never mind a country.

Back at the US Presidential election, which is between someone who is an old age pensioner and married to an ex-president and a psychologically flawed megalomaniac billionaire, who believes in whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear.

I cannot believe this pair are the best two people in America to attempt to become president. Billions of dollars spent and this the best that could be found?

Mrs Clinton is beginning to look quite frazzled and, dare I say it, her age? Her time was eight years ago when she was in her prime. Now she sounds completely false and tired and looks crumpled.

Mr Trump looks like he might be about to explode like an overripe tomato, and is so completely out of his depth, he would drown in the saucer of tepid milk he puts out for the ginger tom which is sitting on his head.

I despair.

This is not a choice, this is a tragedy!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[The Donald & Hillary Show photo edited by Krassotkin (derivative), original by Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton); Donald Trump artistic from DonkeyHotey; JFK bust Sanjay Acharya, all courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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