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Ceasefire in Syria: Misjudged Mess or Deliberate Destruction?

Ceasefire in Syria: Misjudged Mess or Deliberate Destruction?
September 29
16:11 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

I may be wrong, but I thought a ceasefire was meant to mean the fighting stopped on all sides and aid could be given to the innocent civilians caught up in mindless warfare.

Apparently in Syria this has a different meaning.

How we got to this stage of insanity is a tale of greed and stupidity on an industrial scale, led by utter morons who should now be locked up for the good of the world and crimes against humanity.


credit: Carlos Latuff

I have watched the so called Arab Spring, fueled by the western greed for oil, burst forth and consume country after country in North Africa and the Middle East in its destructive violence.

Not one ounce of good has emerged from this either misjudged mess or deliberate destruction of so many countries. Misjudgments which have changed the balance of power over a huge swathe of the Middle East and beyond.

Millions of people displaced and hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed. And for what? Democracy? That was proved to be wrong by the unmitigated disaster that is Iraq. The answers are probably the usual suspects. Greed and power.

Democracy is a fairly alien concept in this region. There is a very good and valid reason for the lack of democracy. There are so many factions and tribes who have hated each other for time immemorial, that there has to be strong leadership to keep a lid on the seething mass and keeping it from boiling over and bringing about the destruction of their own country.

Dictatorship isn’t something which is good, but it is necessary in some cases. Take Iraq. The lunatics who were in charge of the USA and the UK after 9/11 had been told that if they did away with Saddam Hussein, the country would blow itself apart in a very short space of time!

Did these madmen listen to wise counsel? Did they take a look at the history of Iraq and Afghanistan before donning leather bomber jackets and firing the starting pistol, and unleashing hell upon the region?

These megalomaniacs didn’t listen to anyone except those who thought the same way as them. This was to be their legacy. Yes, the legacy of the beginning of the end of civilisation as we knew it.

Libya was a total shambles. Completely misread by both Britain and America, it has descended into bloody anarchy. The civilian population stuck horribly between different warring factions trying to get control of the country.

Very little is broadcast about Libya because it was an even bigger failure than Iraq! The great powers don’t want this monumental failure given any publicity. They should be utterly ashamed of what they did in the rush to control Libyan oil fields.

Not a jot of good news is ever going to come out of that once rich and mainly peaceful country, until one faction dominates the rest and a dictatorship is once more in place! The regime of Colonel Gaddafi was brutal, but most Libyans would gladly have him back in power. At least they knew who was in charge and what the rules were.

North African countries were in the main stable and we all knew that as long as that continued, the scourge of international terrorism was much more containable. Know your enemy and deal with them appropriately. Not blowing up their entire infrastructure and expecting life to carry on without disruption.

Pure hatred which had been kept to a few hard line groups, was now spread among the general population and someone who had been an ally was now a determined terrorist. This wasn’t even considered by the shortsighted morons who were in charge of some of most powerful countries on the planet. How the hell did they ever get to be in that position? It certainly wasn’t because they were geniuses!

As this bloody disaster moved across North Africa, there were small but determined demonstrations taking place in Egypt. Now, we had been being drip fed how corrupt and violent the Egyptian authorities were in keeping dissatisfied citizens under control. There was also a lot of anti-western feeling in the harder Moslem communities, which would be ripe for any bid to overthrow the Mubarak government.

Interviews with sobbing mothers who had had loved ones arrested or killed by the police and army were broadcast to the world. Something had to be done! Once again, the morons were led up the garden path by obvious propaganda.

Of course they backed the protesters and were jubilant when the Mubarak government was overturned. Mass celebrations brought Cairo to a standstill. Millions of people filled every empty space to cheer the victorious protesters. The army had to take control of the country and promise free and fair elections.

To no one’s surprise, the hard line Muslim Brotherhood won by a huge majority.

Now the penny was dropping in western government offices. “Oh shit, what have we done” was the general consensus! They realised that allowing free and fair elections, had brought the last people they wanted, into power.
This had been obvious to a blind donkey, what the outcome would be, but the morons couldn’t or wouldn’t see the problem!

A mad scramble to get the “fair and free” election results somehow nullified. They decided to use the courts to have the new leader of the country Muhammad Morsi, arrested on some trumped up charges and declared the election null and void.

The next election was declared free but not necessarily fair, and a new more moderate government was sworn in, and so far the country is far more stable and peaceful.

This shambles could have been seen coming from outer space, but the Morons appeared to be in denial once again.

From this mess, you would think that “lessons would be learned” but in politics, this is never the case. That would mean that they had been wrong in the first place and that would never be acceptable!

So off they go and wait for another conflict they can make worse.

And as if by magic, along came Syria. Ruled by President Assad in the usual brutal manner of the

credit: Carlos Latuff

credit: Carlos Latuff

successful dictator, he kept a tight lid on the usual suspects. This was a quite peaceful country without much in the way of natural resources, oil, gas etcetera, but in a very strategic position in the region. Russia was its biggest ally and supporter.

The West didn’t really care about Syria because it didn’t have wealth to steal. So it felt safe from Western invasion. Plus it had Russian backing.

But since the Arab Spring revolution had been so successful, not. The anti-Assad dissidents decided it was time to revolt and overthrow the despotic Assad.

They hadn’t reckoned on the regime being a damn sight more determined, better armed and better trained than previously overthrown governments in the region. They had Russian military training and weapons to back up their army and air force, so they weren’t going to be pushovers. Another misjudgment in a long list of Middle East misjudgments!

No one liked Assad except the Russians. But the Morons didn’t like the idea of more hard line Moslem factions grabbing power. Big conundrum. Which side would they back? Instead of thinking, sod this, we’re out of here, they had to get involved. So they decided they would side with the least violent rebel groups.

This is like saying, I’d rather put a scorpion down my trousers instead of a cobra because it is slightly less poisonous! One violent rebel group is no different from another violent rebel group!

Where are we?

Ok…Russia is on the side of Assad. The Morons are tiptoeing alongside the good rebels. The bad rebels are fighting against Russia and Assad, plus any else they don’t like.

The real trouble is that the maniacs of ISIS, who really hate everyone are trying to get a foot or a grenade in the door, so the mixture in Syria is so toxic that no one knows who is fighting who. The morons are completely out of their depth.

They can’t politically put troops in, so Special Forces are used as “advisors” so technically the morons haven’t officially involved themselves in the conflict. They have backed some of the rebel forces. They are arming the same rebels and have deployed Special Forces in the country, but aren’t really involved.

It’s like a military Alice in Wonderland!

I don’t see any way this horrible unnecessary disgusting civil war can be resolved unless all sides step back and consider what exactly they are wanting out of this human tragedy.

A ceasefire has to mean just that. Not two days of peace and then more deaths of innocent people killed by all sides, who all deny that they were to blame. The blame is shared equally by all participants in this conflict.

None of these warmongering factions have any conscience whatsoever. If they did, they would all stop the killing.

If they really need to kill people, they all need to get together and take on ISIS and destroy them once and for all. If they can’t do that, they all need to get out of Syria and let the people decide their own fate. If that means Assad has to go, then so be it. If he stays, he will need to assert his own authority on the country again.

Each country should be left to their own devices unless there is a huge need for international intervention. If this were needed, all interested parties would deal with it together. This would mean Russia and America would have to stop their stupid feud over who has the largest penis, and work together to make the world a safer place.

It’s a small world, is a common phrase, but increasingly true. The Earth is a speck of dust in the vastness of space, and we have to realise that fact.

If not, then the planet is screwed. Which means we are all screwed.

Sleep well madmen, you know what you have done!

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[Syrian ceasefire committee photo courtesy of the US Dept of State, Wikimedia Commons; Arab Spring dominoes art and Assad Volcano courtesy of Carlos Latuff, Wikimedia Commons]


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