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Al-Shabab Bans Samosas: remember when America almost banned French fries?

Sophia Jones reports: How can a seemingly harmless pastry be un-Islamic? Apparently, it’s the shape. Samosas are fried in a triangular shape, which al-Shabab finds to be strikingly similar to

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Hollywood & Highland: Lyle Shove-It Says Police Should Have Shot Everybody

Famous Hollywood bum and oracle Lyle Shove-It was not thrilled about having his territory torn up by a bunch of rowdy skateboarding punks and feeble-minded hipsters. At least that’s how

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Hollywood & Highland: I missed the riot!

I’m seemingly omniscient in the Los Angeles area. I can be at any event within a few short seconds, and I pride myself on that vibrant mobility, but I missed

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Pink Floyd – Echoes Pt. 1 Live @ Pompeii

Here’s the nightcap. A little funky, mystical, and overshadowed by the legendary ruins of Pompeii. Let Pink Floyd take you deep into the night for a restful sleep. And if

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Randi Zuckerberg Says Online Anonymity Has To Go

From the Huffington Post: Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director, has a fix for cyberbullying: stop people from doing anything online

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Peter King: Boogieman & His Recruits A Major Danger to America

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Rep Peter King (R-NY) and his Homeland Security commission held a highly publicized meeting Wednesday and highlighted

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Ashley Olson Sports $39,000 Backpack: Lyle Shove-It Found His for Free

The press is reporting something interesting about Ashley Olson, I told Lyle Shove-It. “Who the hell’s Ashley Olson?” he asked.

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Cranking Up Klaus Nomi While Driving Down Sunset Strip

This song is meant to be ‘blasted’ so the pimps and whores, winos and bums can hear it as you

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New Survey: Americans Love Mac ‘n Cheese More than Sex

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Credit: Holger.Ellgaard  Famed and forever castigated psychologist Hubert Humdinger (pronounced hum-din-jur), recently conducted a survey from his undisclosed

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Dems: Obama Should Invoke the 14th Amendment Then Plead the 5th

Should Obama raise his hands in the air, close his eyes, and magically call upon the powers of the 14th

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