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Hitler as American Schoolmarm ctd

Writer and international affairs philosopher Dan Rudy comments about Tea Party Kim Simac’s comparison of the American public school system to Nazi youth indoctrination: I think another element many people

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The Charles Manson Hollywood Star

Small protests are expected, and an even smaller, but harsher band of Manson supporters are rumored to be countering the protest this afternoon at the ceremony. Petitioners have already held

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Hitler is America’s Schoolmarm: Tea Party’s Kim Simac Rings the Warning Bell

Credit: Vasto- Wisconsin tea party organizer and children’s book author Kim Simac blogged last October: I am done raising my kids but if I was a young parent today I would

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Lectures on Alchemy – the Hermetic Tradition & Its Prophecy

Credit: Entropath Alchemy is not merely about turning shit into gold. It’s about a transformation of the soul. Terence McKenna gave a fascinating lecture on alchemy and the Hermetic tradition. Reading

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The ‘Taxes Are Evil’ Campaign in America like A Sexually Deceptive Ad

Credit: Sabine MDTT LB Woodgate writes about Grover Norquist’s “Taxes Are Evil” campaign, and how it’s comparable to a company deceptively

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Rush Limbaugh Uncertain If He Supports the Debt Deal

Rush wants to support the debt deal, but he’s concerned about the tax increase that will happen when the Bush

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Cutting Out Your Hernia with A Butter Knife

LA Times reports: The wife of a schizophrenic man who tried to cut out his hernia with a butter knife says

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Bill Maher’s GOP Motivational Video Reel

Funny and worth the minute and a half:

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Sugar Daddies Paying Off Today’s Student Loans:

Amanda M. Fairbanks tells the story of young college girls who seek older, wealthy men who pay generously for an

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Islamic Month of Ramadan: Prayer Breaks During Work

A question from an observant Muslim about taking prayer breaks during work is posed to Frank Gibson, who responds:  This

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