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Randi Zuckerberg Says Online Anonymity Has To Go

From the Huffington Post: Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director, has a fix for cyberbullying: stop people from doing anything online without their names attached….“I think anonymity on the Internet has

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Peter King: Boogieman & His Recruits A Major Danger to America

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Rep Peter King (R-NY) and his Homeland Security commission held a highly publicized meeting Wednesday and highlighted frightening new evidence that the long-feared boogieman is actually part

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Ashley Olson Sports $39,000 Backpack: Lyle Shove-It Found His for Free

The press is reporting something interesting about Ashley Olson, I told Lyle Shove-It. “Who the hell’s Ashley Olson?” he asked. Never mind, I shouted, but listen to this. I read

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Cranking Up Klaus Nomi While Driving Down Sunset Strip

This song is meant to be ‘blasted’ so the pimps and whores, winos and bums can hear it as you drive down Sunset Strip. “Klaus Nomi!” people will shout. “That’s

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New Survey: Americans Love Mac ‘n Cheese More than Sex

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Credit: Holger.Ellgaard  Famed and forever castigated psychologist Hubert Humdinger (pronounced hum-din-jur), recently conducted a survey from his undisclosed

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Dems: Obama Should Invoke the 14th Amendment Then Plead the 5th

Should Obama raise his hands in the air, close his eyes, and magically call upon the powers of the 14th

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If You’re Not Down with Thomas Szasz, You’re Not Down with Psychiatry

Listen to one of the most controversial psychiatrists talk about the absurdities and myths of our society’s understanding of “mental

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Faux News Poll: Anders Behring Breivik World’s Sexiest Terrorist

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE A Faux News poll released Tuesday afternoon showed the network’s viewers voted Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik

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Nobel Peace Prize: Norway Killer’s Plan for Peace Not Comprehensive As Obama’s

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE The Nobel Peace Prize officially rejected a bid to award the Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik, with

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From the Joyce

Dear Dirty America comes from one of my very favorite novels. Ulysses. Written by a man you might have heard of.

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