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Hugo Chavez Flying to Cuba to Treat Cancer: He Should Try the Gerson Diet Instead

August 06
06:50 2011
Hugo Chavez had a tumor removed from his pelvic region and now the world is wondering what kind of cancer he has. He will be returning to Cuba for a second round of chemotherapy. Take it away, Huff Post:

Victor Soares

Chavez, who said earlier in the day that his doctors were considering whether he should undergo the chemotherapy in Venezuela or in Cuba, said he planned to go to Cuba on Saturday after getting legislative approval.

But we all know how harsh and awful chemotherapy is, even for Hugo Chavez. I suggest he tries the natural cancer cure called the Gerson Diet. It’s healthy and thousands of people have attested to the diet’s almost miraculous cancer-curing power. The only reason the Diet is not miraculous is because it makes material sense in this material world. And I feel if I use the word miraculous, people are going to attribute the Gerson Diet to some kind of Christ Diet, which just isn’t the case! (Watch the Gerson Miracle below)

Dr Gerson found out decades ago that if you properly juice the right combinations of fruits and vegetables, you can flood your bloodstream with the proper plant enzymes, vitamins, and minerals throughout the day and this will naturally dissolve tumors and let the body’s immune system kick the cancer out of the body.

Don’t believe it? I don’t care if you don’t believe it. But eating at McDonald’s once a week (or every day) and getting treated with chemotherapy is not the most reliable way to rid the body of cancer.

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