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World War III…and Then There Were None

World War III…and Then There Were None
January 30
18:16 2017

Perthshire, Scotland

Information, is supposed to make life easier. The information I’ve been getting recently, makes far from comfortable reading.

One would be foolish to be planning a vacation in the immediate future. The world is teetering on the brink of disaster and I do not believe common sense will prevail. There are unseen forces prepared to obliterate each other and the rest of us, for world domination.

This has been planned for over two centuries. Time, for these people means nothing. The end result is what counts.

The election of Donald Trump is one of the final pieces of the plan for one side in the impending conflict. Trying to wrest control of the Federal Reserve from the Globalists and change the course of world history, with no regard for the rest of the world population. There are so many stories and theories floating around the internet, it’s difficult to make sense of what is going on.

A battle between Christianity and communist atheism is something which has been going on since the Russian Revolution in 1917. This is the moment when the world bursts into flames and these two opposite creeds destroy each other, leaving the real puppet masters in total control of the planet.

Already in America, the Trump supporters are talking about anyone who doesn’t like what they stand for, as Marxist Socialist traitors. In reality, these people wouldn’t know a Marxist Socialist if one came up to them and bit them on the arse!

But this is a seed which has been sown carefully and often, by friendly media outlets who support the apparently insane Trump agenda. If this continues, there will be a deliberately engineered split in American social culture, which is designed to spark a civil war.

This whole presidential campaign has been used to make people take completely opposite political views. The sheer hatred shown in the last two years has been unprecedented and completely manufactured by people who want a final cataclysmic confrontation for supremacy.

Over here in Europe, there have been similar splits in national elections and referenda. Firstly in Britain, we had a very divisive independence referendum in Scotland, which split the country and made family members become enemies. Then we had the EU referendum, which had a very similar effect, but this time tearing the whole of the UK apart.

One of the main reasons for the hatred stirred up in these cases was immigration. The same is happening in most European countries. The Nationalists are rising against what they see as a never ending flow of immigrants from the Middle East. And the reason for the high number of these people, are the manufactured wars in the region, which benefit the aim of destabilising previously peaceful European countries.

None of which is happening by accident.

The plan is becoming more obvious by the day, but if people keep their heads in the sand and ignore the signs, they will be overtaken by events and there will be no time to do anything. People have been conditioned to do nothing. This has also been part of the grand scheme. Keeping the population docile is vital.

Dumbed down education. Dumbed down television programmes and partial news channels.

Also making sure people are always on the verge of financial disaster has been used to stop people noticing the subtle changes made over the last few years. The number of people sleeping rough in British towns and cities increases daily. Beggars are everywhere, making people uneasy and scared. There are areas of cities which police refuse to patrol. Officially of course, this doesn’t happen, but it does, and they know we know!

I have witnessed this at first hand, and it was very very disturbing to get a glimpse of the future. Not a police officer in sight! The real reason is quite simple. Leave these areas lawless and keep up the fear factor.

This is a deliberate policy to bring about a total breakdown in civilisation. How grateful we will be when the tanks roll in to protect us from the fear which was manufactured in the first place. Back in the USA the same thing has been happening. Keeping the fear of everything uppermost in people’s minds. False news stories and the possibility of being “overrun” by Islamic immigrants. Insane politicians stirring up hatred on all fronts, when knowing they are lying through their perfect smiles.

We are watching the end game of a very long planned campaign to take control of the planet. I believe we are very close to a final battle. It will have no regard for borders and the so called rules of war.

The level of hatred and the deliberate division of previously peaceful populations, will make civil wars inevitable and they will spread rapidly, enveloping all “first world” countries.

I hope I’m completely wrong about these events, and common sense prevails, but I don’t feel confident, and common sense will probably be trampled by the stupidity and insanity of the warmongers.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Header photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office, in public domain, Wikimedia Commons]


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