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The Donald Trump End Game

The Donald Trump End Game
January 16
12:23 2017

Perthshire, Scotland

The inauguration of Donald Trump is approaching and most people are struggling to understand why this has happened. Here, I will try to make sense of the reasons it happened and make a prediction of what will follow.

From the beginning of civilisation there have been people who want to control other people. This is not strange, just human nature. With power over people, comes money, which helps gain even more power. The more power, a person or persons can build dynasties and influence the lives of millions of people. This should enable the powerful to help others who have little or nothing, but very few actually do this. The result of vast fortunes and unlimited power only means that these people want more.

I know some of the very rich were and still are very philanthropic and do wonderful work for the underprivileged at home and abroad. Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates are the two which immediately spring to mind. But some of these dynasties have other darker uses for their multi-billions of dollars or pounds. I’m not going to name names, because it would be pointless to do so. As I said, money and great power go hand in hand.

The puppet masters, as I call them, have a say in every major country’s political direction and who should be leader of each country. They have to be people who will do as they are told, and not some loose cannon, who might dig their heels in and defy the order, oops, advice given to them by the puppet masters.

These county’s leaders are carefully vetted to make sure they will not cause trouble, and abide by the deal offered to them. This, of course, in Britain’s case is the opportunity to cash in when they are no longer in power. Speaking engagements, lucrative directorships with top financial institutions, and so on.

Is the picture becoming clearer?

In the USA, it’s a similar situation. Follow orders and the former leader will never need to worry about money again. Some may have principles and forego the vast wealth offered, and go on doing good deeds for the people who need help.

I can think of one in the US and to a lesser degree, one in the UK.

In most cases, the US president elect isn’t particularly wealthy before becoming president. Therefore, the opportunity to make a lot of guaranteed money after being in office, would be hard to resist, regardless of principles.

The main reason for this going on is the creation of more wealth for the already ridiculously rich puppet masters. Every time a conflict begins, these people make fortunes. There is the traditional stock market manipulation. Buy huge amount of shares in arms manufacturers and watch the share price rise steeply. Or in some cases, own the companies which make the weapons.

If we take it back a little, we will see the puppet masters finance these regional wars and sell to both sides, to make sure they take the maximum amount of money from the countries involved. War is what keeps their companies making money.

Now we come to the 2016 US Presidential election.

As we know, Hillary Clinton was the odds on favourite to win the race to the White House. I believe she was told it was hers, right up until the end of the second debate with Donald Trump. She had a glint in her eye and was walking tall. But the email scandal wouldn’t go away and Trump was making political capital from the endless rumours and leaks.

Could these rumours and leaks come from the very people who had already promised Hillary the Presidency? It is entirely possible.

Could the plan have been all along to have Trump sitting in the Oval Office? It makes sense.

They knew Trump was a divisive figure and people either loved or hated him. He was a narcissistic bully, who was going to do whatever he wanted in office. If you consider the negative press he attracted, it was amazing how his poll ratings held up. Could there have been some manipulation of the figures?

It had to be Trump, regardless of who he grabbed or allegedly abused. Nothing really stuck on him. Had it been any other person, they would have stood down months earlier. Very peculiar indeed.

So my question is, why Trump?

I think the answer is quite shocking but simple. He’s a perfect fall guy. Doesn’t think before he speaks or tweets. Insults all and sundry and is apparently rich enough not to be influenced by promises of great wealth on retirement or resignation.

Who better to stir up trouble overseas?

Sticking his nose into the middle east and generally thinking he is able to solve all the world’s problems. A man without a trace of self awareness. He cannot be wrong or be told he is wrong. Who better to take the blame when the world bursts into flames in a war which has been planned for decades. A person too stupid to see that he is being used. Flattery is like oxygen to this man.

Trump is someone who wants to be held in high regard for his leadership and wisdom, but doesn’t realise he is as much a puppet as everyone else. Perfect for the puppet masters’ plans.

These are only my observations of what I’ve seen over the last few months. I could be completely wrong, and I hope I am. But given the facts, I fear the point at which we cannot pull back has almost been reached.

All we can do is hope that the dark forces of avarice and greed can be held at bay until more people see the light.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Donald Trump speech courtesy of Gage Skidmore, from Wikimedia Commons]

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  1. Venus in Furs (@realvenusinfurs)
    Venus in Furs (@realvenusinfurs) January 16, 13:36

    “How can this happen?” Maybe I can answer that. The republican party has all the power in the USA now. And they dont care what Trump does to you, NATO, our allies, us, anyone or anything. They are busy destroying US social programs and healthcare to make sure their corporate donors get tax breaks. That is all they do. That is their only function. Nothing else. Literally, nothing else. We should have a US government agency that arrests Trump and the GOP for their criminal and treasonous activity and behavior, but we dont. The only people who can take down Trump is republican congress. If they nail Trump for treason, then Hillary would be the legit POTUS and they would rather destroy the world than have a woman holding the keys to the asylum. They could barely breath when it was Obama. HRC would make their lives a living hell.

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  2. enigMAA
    enigMAA January 16, 15:10

    An Excellent Read!

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  3. Karen Bodden
    Karen Bodden January 16, 15:42

    Fall guy makes sense

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  4. Rich Enmety (@RichEnmety)
    Rich Enmety (@RichEnmety) January 19, 12:36

    This article is such a hack job, let me see if i understand you… Trump, who 18 months ago was a laughing stock for even suggesting running for president, beat 19 other establishment republicans for the nomination, while the ENTIRE republican party was violently opposed to him. Then ran against “the Most qualified Candidate” to ever run for president, and pulled off the most stunning upset victory in the history of american politics. And did all of this while spending Six hundred million dollars less than clinton, now he’s a puppet? This is your position?

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