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Donald Trump’s Inauguration or Coronation?

Donald Trump’s Inauguration or Coronation?
January 20
06:15 2017

Perthshire, Scotland

This is a day most people never thought would come. A day viewed with wild anticipation by some, and with a muted terror by others.

Anything could happen today. No one knows what to expect.

Generally, an inauguration is a very dignified occasion, filled with ceremony and duty. But with the advent of Donald Trump, all bets are off.

He still cannot resist going on Twitter and lashing out at anyone who disagrees with him on any topic. This is really beneath the dignity of a person who will be the next President of the United States.

He has let his country and supporters down. Well, some of them anyway. As we know, they backed him despite the disgusting things he said during the election. I think that says a lot about the type of people he has attracted.

In the past, politicians were obliged to resign at the first whiff of scandal, but I’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen very often despite the very public way in which these things have happened. Previous presidential candidates have had to quit the race for doing much less than Trump or some other politicians have done.

The public has become so used to seeing and hearing worse on television or the internet, that they don’t regard Trump’s sexual comments about women, as any big deal anymore! This is something which should concern everyone, especially Mr Trump and his morally uptight band of thieves…sorry, cabinet members.

I believe there is more honour among genuine thieves than there is in politics. Have we become so numbed by life, that absolutely nothing done by a politician, raises an eyebrow, never mind outrage? This of course gives the impression to politicians, that they can do anything and get away without penalty!

We, as a world population are being conditioned to accept the wrongdoing of politicians as normal. I can almost guarantee, a politician will commit murder and never even be charged, never mind stand trial. Yes, that is where we are heading!

Innocent people locked away for decades. Police lying accepted by judges and juries as the truth, because police officers never lie. Obvious killings of citizens, which wouldn’t be tolerated in a third world country, treated as if the victim was the offender. The list goes on and people lose faith in the system and stop reporting anything to the police.

This way lies anarchy, but of course the super rich won’t be inconvenienced in any way. Locked in huge compounds, they will not see the mayhem going on outside as civilisation breaks down. This is all part of the global plan. There will be two classes of people. The wealthy and the Rest.

Some people who now live a quite comfortable life, will be dragged down to the level of the Rest and have to scavenge like the people they once looked down upon. Oh there will be the worker drones, kept in huge factories, working twenty hours a day, to make cheap clothing for the Rest.

The Wealthy will continue to shop at all the best places. Locked away from the great unwashed. This divide is slowly becoming more evident. The homeless being swept off the streets, lest the Wealthy have to look upon these filthy wretches.

There is now a clear ruthlessness being shown by the authorities against the jobless, the homeless, the physically and mentally unwell, and anyone who looks like they don’t belong in the Wealthy’s new world.

This isn’t just an American problem. This is a worldwide event. All societies are becoming the same.

Is this the globalists’ objective?

Some factories in the UK have been described as “Dickensien”! Pregnant women giving birth while at work, because they fear losing their employment if they take time off! This is actually happening in one of the top five economic countries in the world. Welcome to 21st century Great Britain! Soon there could be laws allowing this type of work practice to be the norm. Once again, not confined to America or Britain, but all countries.

A stand has to be taken against this being allowed to take place, but I fear that ship has already sailed. We all saw what was happening, but we didn’t believe it. That is what the Wealthy and the puppet masters’ plan is all about. Do it visibly and no one notices until the deed is done.

I believe all political leaders are complicit in this insane scheme to enslave even more people, and woe betide any of them who has the morals to stand up against these criminals. If Trump is true to his word, he will stand up for the people, and against the manipulators, but the signs are that he has been told to stay in line if he wants to serve a full term.

He is useful to the Wealthy and the puppet masters plans at the moment, but also very expendable.

Back at the inauguration, it will be pomp and ceremony, but tinged with fear for the future. Some will feel they are seeing their saviour, but I feel they have been badly mislead.

The omens are not good for this day passing without incident, but whatever happens, the “culprits” will have already been picked out.

Don’t believe everything you see and hear from today onward. The liars outweigh the truthful ten to one.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Trump & Pence wreathing laying ceremony, photo courtesy of U.S. Army/Rachel Larue, Wikimedia Commons]

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