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Narrow Minded Politics & People

Narrow Minded Politics & People
January 07
14:35 2017

Perthshire, Scotland

Today, I found out that my original thoughts on narrow minded politics and narrow minded people, were well founded.

I was in a discussion about the NHS, (National Health Service) and its current financial state. This was about the English version of the NHS. The Scottish health services are a devolved issue and the Scottish government has control of what money is allocated to health and social care.

The person I was discussing this with was adamant that the financial meltdown was due entirely to the Conservative government. I questioned this assertion and said that the financial rot had set in during the Labour government of Tony Blair.

This was dismissed out of hand by the other person. The problems were 100% due to the current government wanting to privatise any or all parts of the “free” health service. Nothing I could say would convince him that it had as much to do with greed by Blair’s cronies, in and out of government.

I pointed out that the NHS in Scotland is, at the moment, thinking of bringing in Army doctors to make up the shortfall of doctors in rural areas. Which is no better than the NHS in England bringing in the Red Cross, to ease the crisis in their health service.

This is the SNP, a party and government which couldn’t be more left wing if it was called lefty! They took over as the party in power from a disillusioned and defeated Labour administration, promising a land of milk and honey. A socialist utopia. Etcetera etcetera. And ended up talking about nothing else except independence.

The point I was making was about competence in running a government which could look after the elderly and sick people, without bankrupting the health service and leaving people to wither away when they did actually make it into a hospital bed.

He was blaming the right wing fascist Conservatives for running the English NHS into the ground, but not acknowledging that a party with the very opposite political ideals, had more or less destroyed the NHS in Scotland.

I was trying to show that politicians of all kinds are universally useless at running any kind of public service. I can see that both sides of the political spectrum are culpable of the destruction of the NHS. But my adversary couldn’t force himself to admit that both parties were equally to blame.

The real elephant in the room is a huge increase in people using the NHS than in the past. This has never been properly addressed, due to fear of being called racist, because of migration. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with government incompetence and its inability to plan ahead. If any politician in a position of power actually looked at what was happening and going to happen, they would have been prepared for most eventualities. But no, they preferred to pretend they knew what was going on, and did nothing as usual.

We are told that there is plenty of money available to train X number of doctors and nurses, but where are the students who want to take up very stressful careers? They can’t be made to appear from thin air like a magic trick! Or from the vast quantities of hot air emanating from both ends of politicians.

More unbelievable nonsense from the idiots we have elected to get things done. We could do better without these publicity seeking parasites, and allow the Civil service to run the country.

Tribal politics should be thrown out as unworkable and of no use to the average person on the street. As long as these pompous fools can gain financially, they will continue to do nothing for the public, while filling their own pockets.

I don’t know what the answer to this is, but there has to be a better way to run countries. Let’s see what we can come up with if we all think seriously about the problems. Trying to keep decisions local might work, but corruption would still be possible. I believe corruption is one of the most significant dangers to a proper and accountable democracy. Rooting that out would solve a lot of problems.

That would take courage and honesty from those in charge, but it is necessary for our lives to improve.

Essential funds are being sucked up by corrupt politicians and businessmen. This has to be stopped before we can move forward.

Nothing can be perfect, but it can be made much better!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[NHS building photo courtesy of FrancisTyers, Wikimedia Commons]

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