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All Change at Westminster

All Change at Westminster
July 24
20:21 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

So the pundits were right. Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister and is now busy getting rid of the deadwood and bringing in fresh new timber.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the first tree to fall.

How many times have we seen new cabinets brought together and a few months later, they are barely recognisable from the original?

I was wondering if the chosen ones bear that in mind when they walk through the front door of 10 Downing Street, summoned by the latest incumbent of this famous address.

I expect the excitement and pride block out all negative thoughts.

I can’t imagine this particular cabinet lasting much longer than six months, given the current make up of the House of Commons.

The chances of getting any kind of consensus for any Brexit agreement are slim and none.

The Labour Party has decided, in its wisdom, to plump for the “another referendum” option, despite Jeremy Corbyn being completely anti-EU. This is another group of people who aren’t going to be together much longer.

Politicians still haven’t learned anything from the entire Brexit fiasco. The public tried to give them a hint at the EU Parliamentary elections, but of course, politicians being the blinkered arrogant morons which they are, felt this was just a blip, a protest vote, if you will.

Their attitude hasn’t changed despite being faced with the bloody obvious.

The next time we all go to the ballot box, this idiotic stance will be blown away by people who have seen though the endless lies spun by the worst occupants Parliament in living memory.

Politicians have always regarded the public as voting fodder and very little else, but people are much more able to see politicians as they really are. Liars one and all and happy to change principles a la Groucho Marx.

“If you don’t like these principles, I have plenty more”.

This is a great comedy line, but in a group of people who are charged with looking after our interests, by representing us in Parliament, it’s bloody dangerous.

The public has seen these liars at work over the last three years. Democracy has been made to look as if it only matters if some people get the result they want. Toys are thrown out of the pram because in they didn’t get what they thought they deserved.

In my opinion, these politicians got exactly what they deserved.

Now they have decided they are going to stop Brexit at all costs. Well, as long as they still keep their cushy jobs and gold plated pensions.

I personally don’t really care that much about Brexit, and I expect very little will change for the public at large. We will all be treated badly as usual, and taxed until we stop breathing, while the already wealthy will remain wealthy.

But because these particular politicians are being completely undemocratic, I’m against them.

Much like the Scottish independence referendum, where those who voted to stay in the UK said they would abide by the result of the democratic vote, I and others were always going to do the same thing if the UK had voted to remain in the EU.

Unfortunately the remain in the EU voters, like the SNP independence voters, feel they are the ones who decide which result suits them, and they will then attempt to subvert the democratic ballot.

So back to the new Prime Minister and his promise to deliver Brexit on the 31st of October. Now we’re talking about a politician here.

And one who is a bit of a flip-flopper and prone to bluster and bullshit. So I will be interested to see how he and his shiny new cabinet are going to manage this near impossible task, without having to get yet another extension or heaven forfend, a no deal Brexit.

I’m definitely not a fan of the new PM but given the choice of candidates, he’s obviously the most popular with the Conservative faithful. This of course doesn’t mean he will be any kind of success. But time will tell.

If it does all turns to shit, there will be no choice but other than a general election. This will inevitably lead to another long delay in the Brexit process. Which might be what they all wanted all along. I’ve given up trying to second guess the answer.

One thing for sure, if there is a general election, the House of Commons will be unrecognisable by the time the dust has settled.

The Conservative Party and the Labour Party will be ripped asunder by a combination and the Liberal Democrats and Farage’s Brexit Party.

The public are sick of lying hypocritical politicians and are ready to sling them out onto the cold, wet pavement.

This will be a political bloodbath and richly deserved. The public deserve much better than what they have had to put up with in the past.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of Boris Johnson courtesy of EU2018BG Bulgarian Presidency; Wikimedia Commons]

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