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The Americanisation of the NHS?

The Americanisation of the NHS?
July 20
18:42 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

Now that the majority of the UK is being opened for business once again, albeit with the ridiculous rules which make no sense, the most important parts are mysteriously still closed to normal business.

Our National Health Service, NHS, whose very existence being in danger was used to put the UK under house arrest, does not appear to be working properly after all the sacrifice we have endured to “Save the NHS”.

We were manipulated and guilt-tripped into believing that we were doing the right thing in the face of the “most deadly virus” ever seen on earth.

A pandemic, which we were told would wipe out millions of people across the globe. Which in the end, the government had to deliberately alter the death statistics to keep us under house arrest and terrified.

As the authorities have struggled to get the economy started again, without actually telling the truth about what they did to the public, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and dental practices remain virtually empty of patients.

Hospitals have massive backlogs of people who were referred to specialist clinics prior to the house arrest, desperate to have their symptoms checked.

People who are waiting are receiving letters from hospitals, asking if they still want to be on the waiting list. As if they have cured themselves over the last three months, when in fact their symptoms will have become worse.

This is utterly disgraceful, as the hospitals were never overrun by the virus and were never going to be.

If I, as an ordinary person, could see that almost every action taken by the government was completely unnecessary, one wonders why people who are experienced observers couldn’t see the bleeding obvious?

We have to presume that many people said nothing because they were told to say nothing.

All things which are vital for the health public haven’t been opened to the level they were before the house arrest. But the very things which can cause ill health, have been reinstated.

Fast food was never closed for takeaway or delivery, but is pretty much back to normal now. We know obesity is one of the reasons why people develop diabetes and heart disease, but eating this type of food has been actively encouraged.

Pubs have reopened recently after a few false starts.

Betting shops have been opened for a few weeks.

So, people can drink themselves into oblivion, throw the rest of their money into the pockets of the gambling industry, and eat crap until their hearts explode, but can’t access health care.

I don’t know about you, but I see a definite and deliberate pattern here.

Dental care is restricted to emergency treatment, either temporary or extraction. No six monthly check ups are available and no date appears to have been set to restart the system.

But from what I hear, if one wants to pay the full cost of treatment, this can be done, at least in some practices.

Poor dental hygiene can allow oral cancer to go untreated, it can also cause heart disease, dementia, diabetes, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and pregnancy complications, but this doesn’t seem to be important to the UK and regional assemblies.

The inability to access an appointment with a GP, other than a telephone consultation, is a disgrace in the 21st century, but I don’t see any sign of this changing any time soon.

My theories on the reasons for the house arrest and the deliberate destruction of the economy, have been stated many times, but the reasons for our basic health needs not being met are twofold.

This is the continuation of the “thinning of the herd” agenda and the making of a health service for which we have to pay. Whether this is by the buying of expensive “health insurance” or payment at the time of treatment, the NHS as we knew it, is never going to return.

More people will have serious illness go undiagnosed and therefore die cheaply. Simple to cure ailments when caught early enough, will neither be diagnosed nor treated.

Most people cannot afford to pay for expensive dental treatment. Check ups will be charged at full rate, so far fewer people will be able to access this vital service..

The only people who will benefit from this will be the huge insurance companies and their shareholders, and the massive pharmaceutical corporations.

There has been much more US influence over the UK in the last three decades, which has been fairly gradual, but has been gathering pace over the last few years.

We have UK politicians claiming how much they love the NHS and will do and spend anything to make sure it doesn’t change, while at the same time, they have been actively selling parts of it off to the highest bidder, almost always American, and taking all the perquisites which go along from making the process easier for these giant “health care” companies to gain access to the UK market.

The political hypocrisy is mind boggling, but unsurprising. All of this is part of the Covid farce and there appears to be little we can do about it.

I hope I’m completely wrong about this, but from what I’ve seen over the last few months, I have the feeling that the UK and its “beloved” NHS is about to change into something we hardly recognise.

*PS…..I might not be able to get routine dental work done, but I can, if I want to, get botox injected into my face without medical supervision.*

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of empty hospital beds courtesy of Pixabay; free images found at Pexels]

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  1. Eileen
    Eileen July 21, 15:49

    Excellent, thought provoking and well written summarisation of the madness we are living through.
    Lets watch and see. Shall we?

    Thank you.


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