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Political Midgets and Media Morons

Political Midgets and Media Morons
August 16
13:36 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

And so it came to pass.

We have finally found the bottom of the sludge pit of politicians and it’s not a pretty sight. Apparently there are now no limits to the depth of disgrace these subterranean creatures will go, to try to gain an advantage over their reptilian opponents.


credit: Marco Verch

There is really no place in society for these types of people. Unfortunately some of them will go on to be in charge of running the largest economy in the world, and have access to the nuclear trigger. A very sobering thought!

But it’s not only America which has the problem of unfit politicians running countries. Here in Britain we have Theresa May, recently enthroned as Prime Minister without any kind of vote whatsoever!

I have no idea whether she is the right choice or not, but it would have been nice to see a proper contest, where the candidates were scrutinised by the public.

Wait……the public of course cannot be trusted to have an opinion, so no public scrutiny. It might make these midgets look stupid and inadequate! And the establishment can’t have that happen unless they actually want it to happen.

Over the garden fence, in the Labour party’s home, the political infighting is getting savage. Jeremy Corbyn said he didn’t think his opponent was being fair by stating facts. Pretty rough talk, don’t you think?

His electoral leadership opponent, Mr Anonymous Smith, replied with something so banal, no one remembered what it was he had said. Savage stuff indeed!

I’m amazed anyone even covers this in the media, but it is portrayed as something of national importance. Reporters talking in hushed tones as these two political nonentities wagged their fingers at each other, until even the electricity got bored and went off home. It had to be bribed with sweets to come back and perform again.

A new political low had been reached!

Over in French France, they have a real short arse in charge of the country. François Allende is a very pompous looking wee fellow. Wearing suspiciously non grey hair and lifts in his shoes, he stood head to shoulder with the high heel wearing Mrs May. A very cute picture for the family album.

His main aim appears to be to stay in power by showing how tough he is on ISIS or whatever ridiculous name the pinheads in British media call them this week!

He struts around with all the style and charm of an hotel trouser press, telling the people how he and France are at war with these terrorists, and only he can save the country. He has hardly been a success as President of the Republic and is desperate to show how he is a great statesman.

Meanwhile over in Germany, we witness the spectacle of Frau Merkel, the wearer of the European trousers, trying to keep her people safe from the random attacks.

Since the wave of terrorist attacks across Germany, she has had a lot of explaining to do to her supporters and the public in general, about the links between the attacks and the vast influx of refugees.

She has a no nonsense look about her, and looks stern even when she tries to smile! Funny really isn’t her forte. Which makes me wonder why she decided to take in as many refugees, with very few questions about motive.

Obviously the vast majority are completely genuine and are fleeing the current devastation being wrought across a huge swathe of the Middle East, but just as obviously, because of the sheer number of people, there will be ISIS fighters getting through without any worry about being found out.

These are the people who are responsible for Mrs Merkel’s current predicament.

The media in the US and in Europe have their own favourites and will happily skew the “news reporting” in the direction of their pet politicians. Throwing soft questions at them and generally giving them an easy time.

Fox news is probably the most biased of the networks and somehow can’t or won’t see just how ridiculous they look, as they cheer lead for the Bouffant Buffoon and his band of idiots.

Mrs Clinton will also have rabid news channels, from which there will come no criticism. This is equally ridiculous! No one in the media should be able to portray a politician as some kind of saint. They are all ultra ambitious liars!

I often wonder about the need to have news reporters standing outside in a howling gale, up to their knees in water, to tell us that the weather is bad.

The other mystery is when an anchor says “Now, over to Nick Bloggs in Downing Street”. Do they think we won’t believe the news unless we can see the street? Oh, it must be true, he/she is right there. No, the lie would be just the same regardless. Surely one person could tell us what is going on, without the outside broadcast?

Politicians love the media attention and would do almost anything to get a spot on the main news bulletin of the day. Leaking information from cabinet meetings which mysteriously appears on news programmes or in newspapers. Of course they would deny all knowledge of where the information came from, but they would say that, wouldn’t they?

There is an overlap between politicians and the media which I think is detrimental to the quality and veracity of any kind of news we hear. The media will cheerfully lap up and broadcast anything which will raise viewing figures, and the political establishment will keep feeding them misinformation.

All in all, we probably deserve the news we get, as most of the population will believe anything told to them without thought!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Super Trumps at RNC caricature from DonkeyHotey, Wikimedia Commons; Clinton versus Trump merchandise courtesy of Marco Verch, Wikimedia Commons]


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