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Obama Issues Second, "More Truthful" Thanksgiving Message

November 27
01:00 2011
Dear Dirty NewswirePresident Obama issued a Thanksgiving video calling on all Americans to do their part in helping their neighbors and the country get through this extraordinarily tough economic time. Obama acknowledged that this Thanksgiving, for many people, may be harder than most. Overall, the message had a positive, hopeful vibe, but Obama released a second, “more truthful” Thanksgiving video message.

The message floated around the web Saturday evening. The president said, “In my previous message, I said this Thanksgiving holiday will be more difficult than most for many people. I want to square up with you tonight and give you a more truthful message. The economy is showing virtually no sign of recovery or improvement. Basically, we’re heading for an all out depression.”

Obama’s eyes narrowed at the camera as he said, “It isn’t just going to be this Thanksgiving holiday that will be financially tough, but for tens of millions of you, the next six Thanksgivings and holiday seasons are going to be difficult. The next ten.”

The president admitted he felt awful trying to glaze over the economic nightmare in his first Thanksgiving message. “I couldn’t sleep,” he said at the end of the video, “until I came clean to the American people. Things aren’t getting better. There’s no relief in sight, and Washington doesn’t have the willpower or the capacity to make it any better anytime soon.”

Obama finished by saying, “There are a lot of criminals still working high up in Wall Street that caused this collapse that has resulted in millions of you losing your jobs and homes and livelihoods. But I accept bucketloads of cash from those people, so I can’t prosecute them. It’s not like I can put them in jail. What can I do?” he asked in the video. “Well, I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday weekend.”

Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor condemned the video, but he acknowledged that with Obama’s economic policies, there was a lot of truth to what the president said. “With the president’s socialist policies, he’s right, we will be in a full blown depression, and the American people will be out of work for at least twenty years.” Cantor also blasted the president’s second message as “filled with despair and unnecessary gloom.”


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