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Congress Plays Soggy Biscuits with the Economy, Stupid

    Congress Plays Soggy Biscuits with the Economy, Stupid

DAN RUDY What an unbridled shingle of shit this congressional session has turned out to be, dear and dirty patriotic chums of mine. Would that mine eyes be plucked from

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Koch Sucking the Sap of Political Liberty

DAN RUDY Chippewa Falls WI Menards begins stocking up on fire nozzles in November?  The Eau Claire, WI based company apparently pressures employees to take a number of online courses,

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Nothing Can Be Won from Beggars

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Robert Reich makes the point: Corporate profits are healthy largely because companies have found ways to keep payrolls down — substituting lower-paid contract workers, outsourcing

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Lot of Choices in America

Charles Bukowski. Poet. between cold shit and warm shit. See also, Visiting Charles Bukowski’s home: a refreshing scene of carnage, drunkenness, & poetry “Like” Dear Dirty America on Facebook

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Don’t Stop Here, Jobless Americans

Credit:  Mike Licht, Last year, Wall Street’s cash bonus pool fell 14 percent, to $19.7 billion.

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New Report Suggests Families Have Dinner Every Other Night to Cut Costs

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE Harold Binkler not shown, was doing an interview at the time the picture was taken WASHINGTON — A

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In Japan Criminal Execs Kill Themselves, In the US They Get Bailed Out

Reuters reports: A top executive of Japan’s scandal-ridden Olympus Corp has been found dead in a park outside New Delhi, an apparent suicide, The Times of India said

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Obama: War with Iran Would Even Create Jobs in Detroit

Dear Dirty Newswire WASHINGTON — President Obama hinted in his weekly address at where he stood on the escalating tensions

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Obama Issues Second, "More Truthful" Thanksgiving Message

Dear Dirty NewswirePresident Obama issued a Thanksgiving video calling on all Americans to do their part in helping their neighbors

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Spit Take

Dan Rudy – Portland So my weekend was fairly low-key:  a couple of beers over a sour stomach, a bit of

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