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The US’s Global Dominion Does Little Good for Its Citizens

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles One of the telltale signs that our dear nation is in free fall decline is President Obama’s fake health care reform. Ravi Katari explains: The

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Obama Issues Second, "More Truthful" Thanksgiving Message

Dear Dirty NewswirePresident Obama issued a Thanksgiving video calling on all Americans to do their part in helping their neighbors and the country get through this extraordinarily tough economic time.

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Obama’s Flush With Dirty Cash

I met an older man in the restroom of the college I teach at. I’d never seen him before, but as we were washing our hands and standing side by

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Hey, Asshole, That’s the Air We Breathe!

Our dear dirty president has caved in to the demands of lobbyists and corporate America who are against new regulations that would have reduced smog and air pollution. Give us

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Are You Voting for Obama in 2012? ctd

Anonymous commented: You are nutz. Well, I agree, but unfortunately, I think everyone else is just as nuts as I

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White House Hires Counselor To Help Lawmakers Imagine What Unemployment Feels Like

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREWASHINGTON–An inside source at the White House announced Thursday evening that President Obama had ordered officials to hire

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