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Anybody But Obama 2012!

August 25
02:38 2011


Amman, Jordan

And by anybody I mean Ron Paul. For all you leftists and self-identified progressives who intend to throw support behind Obama come 2012 you had better get over to isolationist right, if you have a single ounce of moral principle and virtue. Obama is more reactionary than Bush II and even more of a coward from what I’ve seen of him. So Anybody But Obama 2012. Get Rid Of The War Criminal! And read this nice article from Clancy Sigal courtesy of CounterPunch:

“If you’re against Bush-Obama’s wars, you have to reconcile yourself to the ugly fact that “anti imperialism” today is located more on the rising “isolationist” right than the “internationalist” left. Militarized “humanitarian intervention” is the liberal pretext for establishing our more than 1000 military bases worldwide. The irresistible impulse of paid-up liberals like Hilary Clinton, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice, Obama’s three interventionist advisors, is to go “Hooah!”, Let’s send in the 82d Airborne – or at least fire a few Cruise missiles – to protect (supply name of besieged civilians) to get our booted foot in the door.”


“Ron Paul, despite his healthy war chest and huge following around the country, will never be a “viable” presidential candidate. But his persisting presence in our lives – if we care to watch and listen – creates a real dilemma for us on the so-called left. More than a dilemma, a reality we hate facing. It’s that the Bush-Obama wars, while bankrupting us, are OUR wars too, we own them, by our failure (unlike the Vietnam war) to reach out to serving troops and by trusting a president who has forfeited that trust.”

Go Ron Go! (despite not being a viable candidate)

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