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Sec Defense Makes US Soldiers Disarm at Speech

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles The United States Secretary of Defense is afraid to give a speech in front of his own armed troops in Afghanistan. The deadbeat Panetta stood

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Afghanistan Poppies: Your Internationally Engineered Drug Problem

MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland There was a minute’s silence here at football matches in remembrance of six British soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan this week. This takes the total

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Thanking the CIA for the Junkie on the Street

Dave Lindorff gives us the dirty rundown: …Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of Afghanistan’s stunningly corrupt President Hamid Karzai, a leading drug lord in the world’s major opium-producing nation, has for

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California Closing 70 State Parks: Do We Have Time for Peace and Nature Anyway?

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Louis Sahagun writes in the LA Times about California closing down 70 state parks due to massive budget cuts. One of those parks is Mitchell Caverns.

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Under NDAA Pres Obama Considers Detaining Himself

Dear Dirty Newswire WASHINGTON — President Obama was overheard telling Vice President Joe Biden that under the expansion and renewal

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Escaping the Deafening Drumbeat of America’s Anti-Iran Propaganda

Adam Michael Luebke Natl Correspondent,  Los AngelesIf you’re paying attention to the escalating tension between Iran and the United States,

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George Bush Going on Bombing Mission in Afghanistan

Dear Dirty NewswireFormer president George W Bush has announced his 2011 Christmas plans: to get strapped into an F102A fighter

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Chinese Counterfeit Parts Endanger US Military’s Ability to Kill Civilians

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRECounterfeit electronic parts made in China were found in US military hardware, mostly in the electronic systems of

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Federalize It Or Let It Go… Ten Years On

Dan Rudy – Portland Well my dearly fellow Dirty Americans, looking ten years on… ten years upon the still-stagnant blank

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The Growing Concerns Over the Lone Wolf, But Obama’s the One I Worry About

I like wolves, and I especially like a wolf that doesn’t feel a need to always hang with the pack.

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