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Escaping the Deafening Drumbeat of America’s Anti-Iran Propaganda

January 24
07:52 2012
Adam Michael Luebke
Natl Correspondent, 
Los AngelesIf you’re paying attention to the escalating tension between Iran and the United States, Israel, and the EU, it’s important to get the Iranian perspective, rather than the constant drumbeat pulse of American jingoism and gratuitous exceptionalism.

I’m a fan of America, but not the America that is currently held hostage by our irresponsible, out-of-touch Congress, White House, and Supreme Court. Not the most recent war machine of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, or of the Supreme Commander Barack Obama, who declares wars without Congress’ approval (see Libya), who uses predator drones to bomb Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Tehran Times reports on the new EU/US embargo:

The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns this unprincipled move, one [sic] again emphasizes its responsible policies which are based on the regulation of relations with the world’s countries based on international rights and regulations and the principle of mutual trust, and believes that such decisions will have unpleasant effects and consequences on and for the European people and others.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized that its nuclear program is peaceful and has always continued cooperation within the framework of its commitments to the International Atomic Energy Agency and has spared no effort to further demonstrate the transparency of its nuclear program.
It seems that the European Union has been illogically pursuing the U.S. policies and has been seeking to divert the world’s attention from the popular awakening, which is calling for justice, and anti-discrimination and anti-capitalist movement through creating an unreal atmosphere with the aim of diverting attention from its economic and social problems.

Say what you will about Iran being a tyrannical theocracy that violently cracks down on protesters and civil unrest, the last paragraph in the above excerpt preaches the truth about the United States. Our country also overwhelmingly stomps out any civil protest aimed at highlighting social and economic problems. Our police beat their fellow citizens as if officers of the law weren’t subject to massive payroll cuts and sweeping job loss.

Our mainstream media didn’t even touch the viral expansion of the Occupy movement until it was embarrassingly obvious they were missing something rather momentous and socially-altering. I particularly like the phrase “popular awakening” used in the final paragraph. The Obama administration has hardly acknowledged the rolling wave of social unrest as our country’s real unemployment rate hangs between 15 and 20 percent.

Instead of letting fail the megabanks responsible for peddling to the country toxic assets and debt, the White House bailed them out with trillions of dollars, all the while the Federal Reserve secretly bailed out those banks again, along with foreign financial institutions and multinational corporations, with 13 trillion. The Fed had to be sued to get that information.

Why didn’t they bail out struggling homeowners? Public schools? College students? Why couldn’t the people making the least money in society be flooded with cash and propped up with zero-interest loans? The answer is those people don’t deserve to be bailed out. They are not job creators or financially savvy like those bankers on Wall Street. So what if Wall Street flooded our society with $79 trillion in notional derivatives? They play with big numbers, take catastrophic risks, fail miserably, and then they deserve to be saved.

By the way, that was 79 trillion, not billion. That ‘t’ is not a typo.

Instead of Washington dealing squarely with its people, Americans hear about the imminent threat of Iran’s nuclear program, and about a few dozen terrorists in Afghanistan who can’t even put their pants on straight. We hear about the immediate threat of lone wolf terrorists, and biological weapons and dirty suitcase bombs. Yet, the chances that you will be killed by a terrorist attack are so slim you’d be better off watching out for swarms of killer bees. Or, if you live in Pakistan, or Afghanistan, you’d be better off keeping your eyes peeled for that streaking predator drone.

If anybody or anything deserves to get ‘predator droned’, it’s Bank of America. That entire institution should kill itself — that’s the only honorable action left after years of pillaging and disgracing the very country upheld in its name. Instead, we kill people who have never hurt anybody, like young boys in Afghanistan gathering firewood, or Anwar al-Awlaki’s sixteen year old son (an American boy, by the way.)

But where do your taxpayer dollars go? To chasing that band of sheep-herding terrorists around the hills of Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops in pursuit of a few dozen ranchers and farmers with an anti-American sentiment. A trillion dollars a year goes to bombing Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen: an attempt to police the world and force an iron boot over its neck.

We flatten Iraq, and then pay dearly to have our fat cats try to rebuild it again. We pump money the Federal Reserve freshly printed on toilet paper to re-inflate empty financial institutions, only to have their CEOs hand out record-setting bonuses as a reward for bankrupting our nation.

Back to the reason for this article: to get the Iranian news perspective of what’s going on between our country and theirs. Why would we trust Tehran Times with telling us their nuclear program is peaceful? Well, we don’t have to trust them, but we should also hurl a healthy amount of skepticism into the laps of the mainstream prostitutes who go along with everything the White House and Pentagon cook up.

The pressitutes (as some call them) are busy defending our corrupt leaders’ war profiteering by covering Kardashian weddings, basketball players’ divorces, and if the doctor who killed Michael Jackson is really to blame. Our major news networks say, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich attack each other over tax receipts and marital issues, all the while keeping silent about how we lose our civil liberties and are subject to unlawful, unconstitutional legislature.

Meanwhile, the new oil embargo against Iran, as well as freezing the assets of their central bank, are acts of war. We can’t beat Iran into a corner and not expect them to lash out in an act of self-preservation. Their people have jobs and kids and homes and social lives. They want nuclear energy, and they want a strong military to protect their country.

Iranians are not aliens, they are humans, and they love Americans. If our leaders want to fight with Iran’s leaders, let them battle it out themselves, with their own fists, with their own energy, and on their own private battlefield. Let them spill each others’ blood, but we should not let our leaders cut off the flow of energy and assets Iran needs to maintain and sustain its people.

That’s an act of war. It’s violent, unnecessary, and ugly. It’s brutish. Americans and Iranians far outnumber the scum that run their respective countries. Speak out against destroying Iran’s economy and its citizens’ livelihoods. Call your congresspeople and tell them to fight their own wars, but stop ramming this tyranny and violence down our throats.

Call your congresspeople.

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