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The Growing Concerns Over the Lone Wolf, But Obama’s the One I Worry About

August 17
23:39 2011
I like wolves, and I especially like a wolf that doesn’t feel a need to always hang with the pack. Get some alone time, see how you feel by yourself for a change. Tell the pack you’ll catch them later.

President Obama said the nation’s biggest concern is the “lone wolf”. There is fear that the Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik, will inspire some angry-as-hell right wing (or left wing) bastard in the U.S. to arm himself to the teeth and start shooting little children or innocent people.

As a nation we should ask Barack Obama what else inspires terrorism. Does the killing of over one thousand innocent civilians by predator drone attack inspire terrorism? See 168 children killed in drone attacks: but children are terrorists too

You’re goddamned right it does. Nobody in Pakistan, Somalia, or Yemen appreciates having their family killed or their neighborhood destroyed by an unmanned American drone that stealthily zips in out of nowhere to drop a bomb on an unsuspecting neighborhood. I know a lot of people in America think Muslims are shitheads who wear weirdly cut dresses, but Muslims also feel saddened when their little boy is cut down by a NATO helicopter while he’s gathering firewood. I hate to have to say it, but Muslims are people too.

Of course, the drone attack is always aimed at killing some potential or possible terrorist, but the drone attacks have taken out an extraordinary amount of children and innocent civilians. That inspires terrorism, too, but Obama has only escalated these attacks.

And that blood is on his hands. I see it every time he talks. He’s a gory bastard, just like Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney. The sickening part is how steady he holds his hands. Human beings with real feelings usually tremble under distress.

The lone wolf! Our greatest concern! How about we stop attacking innocent families overseas first? Why does Anders Behring Breivik’s plan for peace just seem like a microcosm of Obama’s plan?

Last thing before we forget about this unsavory subject: Obama sent a predator drone after an unconvicted American citizen living in Yemen. The drone missed and killed too other people. So it goes (Vonnegut would say).

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