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Sec Defense Makes US Soldiers Disarm at Speech

March 16
14:00 2012
Los Angeles

The United States Secretary of Defense is afraid to give a speech in front of his own armed troops in Afghanistan. The deadbeat Panetta stood in front of unarmed US soldiers, and casually justified a continuing failed war in Afghanistan.

Maybe it’s because Leon Panetta now takes orders from the United Nations and NATO, instead of consulting with and getting approval from the US congress before initiating an overseas military intervention. Or maybe it’s because the opium drug trade the military is helping out with in Afghanistan isn’t going so well these days (Russia blames US for narcotics trade). Whatever it was, the move to disarm soldiers during Panetta’s speech was alarming:

No reason was given and U.S. officials tried to downplay the move. But the highly unusual security measure comes amid rising tension in the country after an American solider allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians on Sunday.

Afghan-U.S. relations have frayed since the shooting incident, in addition to the burning of Korans at a military base in Afghanistan last month. That sparked nearly a week of violent demonstrations, leaving 30 dead, including six U.S. soldiers.

American officials later said the disarming order at the Panetta event came from top commander, Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus.

He insisted to the New York Times that it had nothing to do with the massacre.
“You’ve got one of the most important people in the world in the room,” he said. “This is not a big deal.” (from NY Daily News)

Panetta is expendable. He’s one more old white guy too happy to invite conflict for America’s young blood and treasure. He’s not one of the most important people in the world, and if he can’t stand before his own armed soldiers and give a speech, something is highly unusual and suspect.

He recently admitted to Senator Sessions that the US military doesn’t need congressional approval to start military conflicts around the world, but instead a UN resolution. We’ve got a Sec of Defense who’s sold out America’s interests to an international entity. We’ve got a very high ranking official taking orders from bodies of power outside of the US. That sounds like treason.

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