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Chinese Counterfeit Parts Endanger US Military’s Ability to Kill Civilians

November 10
05:54 2011
DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRECounterfeit electronic parts made in China were found in US military hardware, mostly in the electronic systems of helicopters and airplanes. The US Senate Armed Services Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the shocking findings. They determined that the counterfeit parts had a high chance of failure, and endangered the US military’s ability to kill civilians abroad.

US Defense contractors found over 18-hundred cases of counterfeit parts within the military’s electronic systems, effecting over one million pieces. Night vision equipment failing in attack helicopters was one of the more sensitive cases the committee looked at.

“The military is at a severe disadvantage when trying to target and kill civilians at nighttime. During the day, it’s no problem, and I don’t care about counterfeit parts, but at night, well, that’s when it’s important all systems will work one hundred percent,” said a high-ranking military official.

The committee traced one hundred of the faulty pieces, and 70 percent of them traced back to China. A mandatory inspection of all Chinese electronic products imported into the U.S. will be put into effect. “Highly sensitive electronic systems which require precision in very crucial moments cannot be constructed with counterfeit materials. When our military kills civilians, they are in enough risk the way it is. They don’t need to deal with malfunctioning hardware,” said a committee member.

The Chinese government struck back saying they too know how important it is to be able to target and kill civilians with the utmost precision. “China fights against counterfeit parts, and is offended by these accusations.” China denied visas for staff members of the Armed Services Committee to investigate the counterfeit materials.


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