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Globalism: the Reality & the Horror

Globalism: the Reality & the Horror
May 17
19:10 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

Could enough people be persuaded to abandon their traditional tribal political allegiances, and join together against the globalist plan to enslave the entire planet?

This question is something I ask myself often. The answer of course, is “I don’t know”. But it is worth considering.

I see plenty of passion for individual political parties, which are not going to do anything for the people who vote for them.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have them use that enthusiasm against a common enemy?

Politicians use party allegiance to divide the population and rob it of its strength.

Setting people against each other and keeping them busy, while they make laws which are robbing us of our freedoms on a daily basis.

Our eyes are kept averted by petty arguments and stupid squabbling. This is deliberately done by those who wish to makes us easy to control. They don’t want the people to understand what is really happening.

I have no doubt that the relatively few want to keep control of the world population at any cost. We are perpetually in fear of threat of terrorism from organisations invented and funded by the Globalist elite.

Almost all recent conflicts have been artificially created by these amoral excuses for human beings.

The “war on terror” isn’t anything of the kind. Nor is the “war on drugs”. These terms were created by governments to make it look as if they were fighting to protect us from evil. But they are exactly the opposite. They are there to make sure we accept the new limits to our ability to live as we want.

More cctv cameras? They’re there to keep us safe. No they aren’t. They are there to keep us watched at all times.

Police carrying guns in public more often? Essential for keeping us safe from attack? They are there in case we all get sick of being herded around like cattle, and decide to take matters into our own hands.

Terrorist groups are funded and armed by our own governments. We have to have an enemy to keep the money rolling into the coffers of the arms manufacturers. Any sign of a peaceful solution is smashed by another atrocity, which again ignites the fighting.

This behaviour is now becoming more obvious to more people, and the more this happens, the better the chance we have to stop it once and for all.

Of course, to take on the Globalists would be taking on their massed ranks of pet police and armies, but if we were getting the message over strongly enough, some of these people might cross the line and join with the people.

More and more we see our liberties being eroded by the lies on terrorism. We are not being made more safe by having more draconian security imposed upon us. It’s exactly the opposite!

Our own governments are the danger and the enemy. If they feel we are getting relaxed about the threat of a terrorist attack, one soon appears and the media lap it up with twenty four hour live news broadcasts and numerous talking heads, telling us that we are in grave danger unless we allow even stronger security measures to be taken.

If a government is prepared to sacrifice thousands of innocent civilians in order to begin the cycle of endless wars, to make already rich people even richer, and try to make the world their own, then anything is possible.

The 9/11 cat is out of the bag, now that the Saudis have published what actually happened. They are not prepared to allow the USA and its allies to trample their country into oblivion on the pretext of a terrorist threat. They are fighting fire with fire!

Back in 2001, America was happy to ignore Saudi Arabia’s part in the September eleventh atrocities, because it suited their wider plans.

Now Saudi Arabia is becoming a target for America’s phony wrath.

But it knows where the bodies are buried, and it has just outed the USA publicly on what it did to its own citizens on that dreadful day when the World Trade Centre towers were demolished.

In a world where killing is becoming increasingly commonplace, the horror of 9/11 is still one of the most vile acts undertaken by a government against its own people.

This was done with the approval of the British government and its insane Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He had long ago dumped any shred of integrity or shame, in the pursuit of power and money.

He, along with G W Bush, Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld, should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

This was part of the grand plan of globalisation. Keeping an enemy on hand to have the excuse to wage war on countries which had no connection to the events of 9/11.

Millions of people killed, maimed and displaced for the greed of a few disgusting people.

We need to rise against these subhuman creatures and show we will not be their slaves.

We need to wake people from the slumber which has kept them from questioning the activities of the globalist conspirators.

We also have to stop fighting amongst ourselves on political nonsense and join forces against the common enemy.

If, after all the evidence which will be shown, there is still a reluctance to act, you deserve the fate which awaits you.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Photo of “Global Hawk” drone, courtesy of US Air Force, Bobbi Zapka]



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