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Mask Madness

Mask Madness
June 14
18:53 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

If nothing else, this closure of our counties and the removal of our liberties shows us that we cannot take our lives for granted as we have done previously.

Our ability to walk out of our home and think, “I wonder where I will go today” has been taken from us and replaced with complete uncertainty.

This is completely bewildering to us as citizens of the first country on the planet to have our freedoms enshrined and guaranteed by law.

A simple trip to buy groceries has become more of an endurance test than something we just did without having to think about it.

Queueing around a designated path, hemmed in by red and white tape, like that of a police incident. Passing markers exactly 2 metres apart, in case we kill the person in front of us in the queue.

This has been bad enough, but having to put up with people saying, “It’s not really too bad”, has tested my patience to its limits. But they are the result of the government propaganda.

I would like to blame these people for falling for the ridiculously exaggerated claims about the virus and my particular ability to kill people the moment I move two inches over the two metres.

(yes I know I’m mixing my measurements, but I don’t think it’s against the law, yet)

Seeing the sheer terror on the faces of people as I wandered up the supermarket aisles “the wrong way”, and thinking, this is bizarre and sad at the same time.

Although it did make me feel quite powerful. I had the ability to make people shit themselves by turning left instead of right.

Most of these people were the ones who piled their trolleys with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper before we were put under house arrest. So maybe I was distributing a karmatic kick in the balls to the greedy bastards. I like to think I did anyway.

Most shops and supermarkets have erected clear plastic screens in front of checkouts and counters.

Of course these screens are open ended and are only going to be a bloody nuisance to both shopper and checkout dude or dudette.

They are really only any use for protecting staff from being vomited on directly. The “virus” is cunning enough to sneak around or over the ridiculous rickety plastic barrier.

Mind you, this “virus” doesn’t seem to like supermarkets or post offices. But apparently it is devastating in bars, restaurants and hair salons. Oh, and barbers. Taxis seem to be another place it is scared to go into and other forms of public transport are equally off limits.

But apparently after midnight tonight, this sneaky “virus” is going to change its mind and move into the aforementioned formerly off-limits places. Masks are going to be mandatory for using public transport and supermarkets.

No mask, no entry. Or a mask will be provided by whoever is in charge of such places. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m highly unlikely to be wearing a mask handed to me by a member of staff of anywhere.

Masks obviously have their place, but buying groceries or using public transport are definitely not these places, especially since today there is no danger, but on the stroke of midnight, suddenly we’re going to be killed unless we follow the government advice, like robotic sheep.

I don’t think so.

The “virus” is dying naturally and the time for masks, if there was one, was at the beginning, obviously. Likewise the nonsense about “track and trace” and testing, are being done at the wrong end of the “crisis”.

A complete moron could see the flaws in this area of planning.

Only in the UK could such a half-witted, hamfisted shambles be attempted to be foisted upon the public. Subtle doesn’t appear to be in their vocabulary. There is no attempt to disguise the ovine stupidity of their actions, and they must think that the public are as stupid as they are?

It’s the only possible way to look at it.

We are also aware that the “rules” are deliberately vague so that the public anxiety is raised as people read what resembles the first draft of Alice Through the Looking Glass, which Lewis Carroll’s publisher dismissed as too ridiculous.

No sensible person is going to tie themselves in mental knots trying to decipher this crap, and will do whatever makes sense to them.

Back to the mask thing for a moment. When I was a paint sprayer, I wore a mask. Using buffs or rubbing down filler, mask wearing is necessary.

There are many instances where mask wearing makes sense. Surgeons, nurses, doctors, dentists, etcetera: masks.

I have no objection to rules which make sense to me. I strongly object to rules which are only in place to cause maximum fear and probably more illness.

People wearing masks all the time breathe in their own germs and carbon dioxide, causing breathing difficulties.

If they have these problems and go to a doctor or hospital, they will probably be diagnosed as having the “virus”, and suddenly we have another house arrest scenario.

But enough people know what is going on now and they wouldn’t believe anything any politician or so called expert has to say on this particular subject.

Back at the Lewis Carroll school of lunacy, we still have the spectacle of the daily “virus” briefing. There is apparently going to be an “in depth” review of the two metre bullshit.

This has been garbage from the start and has no scientific basis. So any review is to keep it going for a few more days.

Not that anyone pays any attention to it now. In fact very few people are paying any attention to anything the government is saying.

The SNP administration, in the form of the First Dictator, is now wanting to extend the furlough period for two years. Yes, you heard me correctly. Two years. When I say that Lewis Carroll could not make this shit up, I’m completely serious.

When I read this, I immediately thought that it was some kind of parody. A spoof. A joke. But no, this was real.

Just when one thinks things can’t get any weirder, up pops the First Midget and proves one completely wrong.

Take me back to the Tardis.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by cottonbro from Pexels]


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