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Don’t Believe A Word: Political Aliens in the UK General Election

Don’t Believe A Word: Political Aliens in the UK General Election
April 28
19:17 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

While the world teeters on the brink of all out war due to two insane despotic leaders, the campaign for the UK general election is becoming even more of an irrelevance than usual.

No matter how much jumping up and down is being done by the leading protagonists, attention is focused elsewhere. I’m sure this annoys Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, and whichever nonentity is currently leading the Liberal Democrats.

These people love to be the centre of attention and love the sound of their own increasingly shrill voices.

This hiccup of the possibility of a nuclear holocaust is very irritating for these political midgets, who imagine they have some importance on the world stage.

They and they alone should be on every television screen worldwide.

Social media highlights this narrow view of life. All the UK focus is on who said what to whom. And why it’s a downright lie. The minutiae of the campaign is pored over minute by minute, for something to either be offended or enraged about.

Only one side is right. All other views are a disgusting sleight on the reputation of the person concerned. No middle ground is catered for. Any brave soul who tries to point out all sides of the debate have some merit, are shot down by everyone.

So, we have unbending political “debate” which usually turns into a bearpit of screaming insults within minutes. This is a huge mistake by the participants.

They want the public to listen and engage with the debate, but most “normal”people simply change the channel and watch yet another game show or soap opera.

Anything to block out the horrors of hearing overpaid and useless self-serving scum sucking politicians hurling insults at each other.

We hear voter participation is falling away badly, this is no surprise, people aren’t interested in voting for a bunch of well-paid liars!

Unless politicians decide to be upfront and truthful with the electorate, the voting percentage will continue to fall until only the dedicated or clinically insane are willing to put a cross on the ballot paper.

In democratic countries, there has to be some incentive to vote. I don’t mean giving people chocolate if they turn up, but have candidates who can offer something tangible. None of the wild promises which are never heard of again after the polls close.

This showed up in the last US Presidential election. Donald Trump promised to make America “great” again. Suggesting it wasn’t very great at the time!

Of course, his supporters are now seeing just how empty his election promises were.

President Obama, when he came to the White House on a “Yes we can” promise, only to discover, due to forces outside of his control, that “no he couldn’t”!

So some politicians do at least seem to want to keep their promise.

There are many ways to promise all kinds of wonders to the electorate, but it generally doesn’t happen, for various reasons. Lying being the biggest reason.

In Scotland during the last independence referendum, the SNP promised a land of milk and honey. A veritable paradise on earth. We all, well all except some of the most rabid SNP members, knew it was utter bollocks. In fact the SNP leadership knew it was bollocks, but it didn’t stop them promising something which couldn’t be achieved.

In the recent EU referendum, both sides lied about absolutely everything. I don’t understand how anyone fell for the rubbish spoken.

It was obvious that regardless of which side won, very little would change for the average citizens. They will always be the last thought of the politician.

In this 2017 general election, the local council elections or other polls in the coming weeks, please don’t believe a single utterance from any elected official.

Treat them as alien beings who despite telling us they wish us no harm, will do the exact opposite!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Gonzo journalism political art photo courtesy of Christoph Braun, Wikimedia Commons]


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