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Big Daddy Obama To Punish Syria; Megadeth’s Holy Wars Proves Valuable

Big Daddy Obama To Punish Syria; Megadeth’s Holy Wars Proves Valuable
August 30
17:06 2013

I guess everybody’s got Syria on the mind, lately. Little did I know that a metal song blaring out of a stranger’s dumpy black Ford Mustang would prompt a conversation about the United States striking sovereign nations, like Syria, without any support from Congress, the American people, or their foreign allies.

It started when I was walking through the Larchmont neighborhood to get a coffee a local shop. An electric, high-powered guitar solo shredded the air. The sound ripped out of a young man’s black sports car. His driver’s door had been swung open. One tanned leg and spotty white shoe hung out.

Impressive, melodic guitar riff, I said.

The young man glanced at me. He flipped the radio’s volume to a whisper and mentioned what solid taste in tunes I had.

I started walking away when he said, “You like Holy Wars?”

I often pose random political questions to my friends, so I thought nothing of the man’s question, except that maybe he wanted to chat. I think Holy Wars are a disgrace, I said. Without any merit. Disgusting, self-righteous affairs that couldn’t make the Creator any more ashamed.

The young man, with his closely trimmed haircut and grown beard, raised a hand, but I continued.

In fact, I said, there’s something like a Holy War that’s about to begin soon, with President Obama’s Neanderthal insistence to bomb Syria after there was a chemical attack. I’ve started calling him big daddy Obama, because he said he was going to punish the Syrian government, Bashar al-Assad’s regime, for possibly unleashing chemicals that killed an uncertain number of people.

But it’s sickening, I said, because the American people have consistently shown their opposition to the war through various polls recently conducted, yet this maniac, ego-driven president wants to lob cruise missiles into the nation. Which, by the way, is supported by Iran, Russia, and China. Those aren’t countries we want to fool around with when it comes to military aggression.

The Mustang man watched me while I spoke. He didn’t try to intercede. This is something I’m used to since I teach college courses to freshman early in the morning. That blank stare is not always discouraging. There are worse reactions.

‘We’ve got to punish Syria for their suspected use of chemical weapons,’ Obama told the American people. Although, I said to my new metal music friend, if you can tell me one time he’s told us the truth about anything — Bradley Manning, the Osama bin Laden raid, NSA surveillance, and on and on — I’ll be surprised.

To Obama and John McCain and Diane Feinstein, that witch, Syria is like that palsied stepchild who succumbed to a bad vaccine shot. And the world’s parents, its father, Barack Obama, wants to slap it around for not acting civil enough.He wants to punish the kid (who is not even really his child!) for acting uncouth in public. Dianne Feinstein, that grizzled half-cocked treasonous snake of a politician who signed away every American’s First and Fourth Amendments and then lied to us about it for nearly a decade, supports Obama because she’s a good Democrat.

If Syria, I continued, is like a mangled child with damaged motor skills, Israel is the snarling psychopathic kid on the end of America’s leash. A kid that barks and spit and thrashes its arms and digs its fingernails into the flesh of any innocent bystander.

It is morally outrageous and self-righteous that a president without Congressional or public support, and without his closest ally, the UK, would still bomb a sovereign nation, where scores of people stand to get killed. And without any surefire evidence that the Assad regime carried out the chemical attack.

At this point the young man actually stopped me. He’d understood what I said. “That bombing’s going to be some bullshit,” he said.

I rolled those words around in my mouth awhile. That bombing’s…going to be some…bullshit.

It felt good. How simple, yet accurate. Why didn’t the New York Times write that as their headline. US Military Intervention In Syria Said to be Some Bullshit.

On the Mustang’s radio a DJ said, “Hey y’all! This is Sirius XM Octane, and you’ve just listened to Megadeth’s Holy Wars.”

If you need to hear the song, please indulge yourself. After all, America’s foreign policy has the same tone as a death metal song:

I laughed at my mistake and commented that Megadeth had never before been so useful in my life. And then I said, Well, actually, Dave Mustaine told an audience overseas that Barack Obama was staging massive shootings in the US, like Aurora and Sandy Hook. How outrageous. That hurts the rest of us when we’re trying to seriously criticize the bastard president’s unchecked aggression.

Doesn’t Mustaine know Obama doesn’t kill children? At least not in America, I said. In Pakistan, yes. In Yemen, yes. In Afghanistan, yes. Not that pulls the trigger. He only signs off on the drone strikes or the Tomahawk cruise missile launches. So it’s not like he really killed the children.

And yet, I said, Pakistan has suffered, conservatively 4500 civilian deaths from US drone strikes. That is four times as many people who died in the mysterious Syrian chemical attack. Many of them women and children. Innocent men don’t count, since they are still considered close enough to combatants.

If Obama’s going to punish Syria, who’s going to punish the Father? Perhaps another father. Or a gang of fathers, like China, Iran, and Russia. Would they dare? Personally, I’d rather impeach our tyrant peacefully than have China hurl cruise missiles into Washington, but that’s just me.

I watched my friend speed away in his dumpy Ford Mustang.

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