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SNP: Caught up in reality!

SNP: Caught up in reality!
January 24
15:40 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 


World events have caused some discomfort in Scottish political circles.

The inauguration of Donald Trump has made the piddling nonsense of Scottish politics and politicians almost totally irrelevant.

This is a good thing. These people have hugely inflated ideas of their importance in the scheme of world events. This is palpably untrue.

The constant yapping from the “First Lady” of Scotland, about independence and another referendum, is really really annoying. Not just to me, but also to anyone with an ounce of common sense and a small terrier.

She has some grandiose idea that if she threatens the UK government with another referendum, they will somehow capitulate, and allow Scotland to remain part of the EU.

Who exactly does she think she is?

A world leading power broker, striding across the global stage, telling people it has to be her way or she will do something really bad?

She is, and will continue for the moment, to be First Minister of a very small part of the UK, never mind Europe or the rest of the world!

We all know she would have to get the permission of the UK government to hold another independence referendum.

She knows this. Her unpleasant colleagues and equally unpleasant following, know this is the case.

Small children and some quite stupid dogs understand the situation.

She can jump up and down as much as she likes, and it will make no difference to the reality.

Her Westminster MPs are agitating for more influence over the House of Commons, to make the government say something they are not going to say in the next ten years at least.

Or not until it suits their agenda.

Nicola Sturgeon just can’t talk about anything else. She is utterly obsessed with the idea of independence.

The NHS (Natural Health Service) in Scotland is under the direct control of the Scottish government, but she persists in shifting any blame for poor performance onto the Westminster government.

The same can be said for Education. It is constantly in “crisis” and it’s always the fault of someone other than her and her government’s responsibility.

Ask her any question and her answer is “Independence will cure that!”

It’s as if it will be the panacea to all the ills and travails of Scotland.

The main reason for this mantra, is purely to keep the rabble who are totally blinkered to reality, happy and content, knowing that their “Dear Leader” is focusing on the one thing which keeps the money from membership fees, rolling into the SNP coffers.

In short, it’s a complete con trick!

If for one moment she talked realistically about the state of schools, hospitals, and independence, her troops would disappear like snow off a dyke, (Scottish for wall) on a warm day!

These people don’t want reality. They have been brainwashed completely with the idea of an independent Scotland being some kind of power on the world stage!

The SNP can’t even get our national dish, haggis, reintroduced to the USA, never mind become a world player.

When Donald Trump was running as a presidential candidate, Ms Sturgeon gaily told the world how much she disliked him and would ban him from entering Scotland! Complete bollocks!

She stripped him of some pathetic honour fat Alex Salmond had bestowed upon the bouffant buffoon, when he was useful for Salmond and the SNP.

Lo and behold, it came to pass that Trump became president and now Ms Sturgeon had to “congratulate” the orange clown on his success.

That must have given her heartburn, indigestion, and haemorrhoids!

If this episode shows anything, it shows that regardless of what you think about someone, when you’re in power, you keep your mouth shut.

It really isn’t dignified to jump onto a moving bandwagon while trying to pulling your foot out of your mouth!

Some of her colleagues have similar foot in mouth problems, but they never back down or apologise for some of the disgusting abuse hurled at anyone who dares to disagree with or insult the party.

It’s like a Stalinist state.

People are blocked en masse on social media for the heinous crime of thinking how bloody awful these people really are.

But despite widespread publicity about the antics of some SNP members and public representatives, the Dear Leader either says nothing, makes excuse or defends these reprehensible dolts!

Nothing is done without the approval of the First Minister.

It says a lot about her character, when she turns a blind eye to the sheer volume of abuse spewing from her own Members of Parliament and Members of the Scottish Parliament.

This gives these morons carte blanche to abuse all and sundry, without any problems from the party.

At some point, she will be deposed by the very rabble who once worshipped her. If she cannot deliver independence, and she can’t, she will be replaced.

I imagine the replacement will be the last Dear Leader, Mr Salmond.

He’s been smirking at his successor’s trials and tribulations, certain in his mind, he will ride to the rescue and lead his troops to another glorious defeat in a future independence referendum.

Being Scottish is a privilege and not one to be abused in the name of nationalism!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Scottish referendum “No Thanks” header photo courtesy of kay 222, Wikimedia Commons]


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  1. Neil McEvoy
    Neil McEvoy January 24, 16:23

    What a lot of pish

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  2. Rab
    Rab February 19, 09:09

    You speak of Scotland with the knowledge of someone who lives nowhere near.

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